Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

‘Letter to the Front’: Launching the Memory Marathon

Celebrating the jubilee of Victory Day in Russia
‘Letter to the Front’: Launching the Memory Marathon

In the run-up to the anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Global Talents web-portal of supplementary education launched a memory marathon. For several months, schoolchildren from all regions of Russia have been preparing videos, essays, and drawings dedicated to this memorable date. The jury members were strongly impressed by the letters of Global Talents users to the frontline soldiers of that time. On Victory Day, the book titled ‘Letters to the Front’ combining the schoolchildren’s best works was published. Members of the Peace 50 community supported the publication of the book actively.

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Здоровье-планеты-в-наших-рукахT.jpg Marina Volynkina
Head of the Global Talents web-portal of supplementary education

Within half a year, the Global Talents hosted competitions dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Within one of the contests, schoolchildren were to write letters to the front, from the present to the past, addressing them to their great-grandfathers or an unknown soldier. The young participants of the contest emotionally immersed in the events of the Great Patriotic War and expressed their words of gratitude to soldiers that touched every jury member. 

“After reading those letters, we understood that we must prepare and publish a book to remind all the inhabitants of the planet about how much grief war causes and what value our peaceful sky has. I hope that after reading those letters, every person on Earth will come to the idea that we have no right to repeat that tragic experience”, comments Marina Volynkina, Head of Global Talents. 


The value of such a memory book is not in its artistic merits. The children’s letters to the soldiers can’t characterized by original images or epistolary excesses. However, each line is filled with sincerity, and true and pure feelings, which is much more important. 

Children are more sensitive than many adults to the world around them. They have the unique ability to express their emotions openly. That is why their letters are so touching and deep emotionally. The children touched upon the deeply tragic experience of their ancestors who had had to bear the burden of a great tragedy. They felt the mental pain of those who had lost their loved ones, the hope of their mothers that their children will remain alive in the brutal battle, and the courage and responsibility of the defenders.


People are far from those deep worries in our peaceful everyday life. However it is possible to keep sincere and conscious gratitude for every peaceful day in the heart of every person. We can do so by passing on the memory of tragic events and heroic deeds from generation to generation. 

The memory of the cruelty and horrors of war is an antidote to new conflicts and aggression. 


“We must preserve the memory of the Great Victory in our hearts and, most importantly, pass it on to our children. In many respects, women, as mothers and keepers of the family hearth, are responsible for that”, believes Ms. Volynkina. 

Women from all over the world need to unite to prevent any wars thanks to their love and kindness. Women can eternalize the past and form a better future through their actions. Their role models, careful attitude to memory, and proper values and life guidelines transmitted to society can contribute to that. 


“Only by holding hands and feeling a sincere love for peace and people around, we can establish horizontal communication among peoples and nations. They will prevent us from new wars”. 

“When publishing the book, we decided to translate it into English for people from worldwide to read children’s letters. Peace 50 women members were the first to read them and thus join the marathon of goodness. They emphasized the importance of maintaining such intergenerational memory”, comments Marina Volynkina.


The atrocities of fascism, the horrors of war, suffering, and loss affected all inhabitants of our planet. The number of veterans is decreasing every year. It is especially important to pass on the memory of real heroes who gave their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren a peaceful sky from generation to generation.

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We decided to share some excerpts from children’s letters. Undoubtedly, they will impress every person reading them. 

Dmitry Danilevsky, 12 years old. Grandpa, do you know what great-grandma’s biggest dream is? She often repeats these cherished words to us: “If only there would be no war!” 

Ekaterina Vityk, 11 years old. You cannot possibly imagine how much I wish I could be friends with you, sit in your lap, kiss you on the cheek, and listen to you... I believe you could teach me a lot. We don’t have your medals at home. But you’re my hero without medals! 

Fyodor Legoshin, 15 years old. Are you scared? Of course, you were scared! It's hard for me in the 21st century to imagine this real fight! 

Elena Nesuchkina, 17 years old. I really want you to have the opportunity to see the wonderful peaceful life of our homeland with my big grey-green eyes, because yours saw so little happiness… 

Georgy Kantemirov, 15 years old. They say time heals. But I don’t want time to heal us! You are alive as long as we remember you! 

Diana Gilfanova, 13 years old. The memory of you we will pass on to future generations. You are not dead, you have stepped into immortality! We remember and are proud! 

Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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