Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

Tatyana Sibgatulina: French Beauty

On intercultural communication and fashion
Tatyana Sibgatulina: French Beauty

Bringing beauty into the world and establishing intercultural communication can be called the main goals in Tatyana Sibgatulina’s professional activity. She has been promoting French brands on the Russian market for 25 years already. For Ms. Sibgatulina, this is not just a business but a project that helps her contribute to development of people’s taste and even influence the lives of individuals by changing their attitude towards themselves.

ph_0T.jpg Tatyana Sibgatulina
Director General of ATVS Fashion Group

Tatyana Sibgatulina’s love and deep interest in French culture appeared when she was young. She did not get into the fashion business immediately. Ms. Sibgatulina was trained as a French language teacher and for some time taught at an university. After that, she became a translator. Several years later, she understood that she wanted to contribute to the world’s development and fulfil her potential in a completely different field of activity. 

She entered a French business school. Thus, Tatyana Sibgatulina managed to find her vocation by combining two fields of her interest: entrepreneurship and intercultural communication. 

By the moment of her graduation, Russia had a lot of French brands. Some companies only planned to enter this promising market. Then Ms. Sibgatulina interested one of the largest French manufacturers of men’s clothing. The company opened its representative office in Russia and invited her to become the commercial director of the new office.


Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt very soon and had to stop financing its representative office. Tatyana Sibgatulina had to continue its work on her own, without the support of the central office. Despite the fact that she did not have much experience in that area, the beginning of her career path was quite successful. 

Tatyana Sibgatulina created her own company, which eventually became one of the leaders in its field. Today, ATVS Fashion Group cooperates with the largest trading platforms in the country. 

France as a Source of Impeccable Taste 


France is a country that inspires Tatyana Sibgatulina because, in her opinion, it is a source of impeccable taste. The country has such a status thanks to its strong traditions passed on from generation to generation including those related to fashion. 

Attention to detail is one of the main features of French culture. This also concerns clothes. The outfit should be perfect, starting from the style and quality of fabric and finishing with every button and stitch. In Russia, it is not accepted to pay so much attention to detail. Russians tend to consider everything holistically, in a generalized manner. 

“All countries are different. Their cultures differ a lot from one another. This is neither good nor bad. We can and should learn a lot from our colleagues, borrowing the most useful, beautiful, and good quality things to create a better world together”, believes Tatyana Sibgatulina. 

When representing French brands on Russian trade platforms, Ms. Sibgatulina literally bridges together two different cultures. She helps Russians acquaint with the so called ‘French beauty’ and at the same time reminds that each country and person is beautiful in its own way. One does not need to learn a foreign language to understand that. It is important to bring up a sense of taste in any individual.


Culture of Consumption and the Concept of Beauty 

When starting her business, Tatyana Sibgatulina thought that she wanted to influence the life of society and bring beauty to the world rather than just to earn bringing French brands to the Russian market. That is her main goal. 

“We have been working with stores from all over Russia for over 20 years already. Within that time, we have noticed how the culture of consumption in society has evolved, how people’s taste has developed, and how their view of themselves has changed thanks to clothes”, says Ms. Sibgatulina. 

The ability to look good directly affects people’s sense of themselves. When dressed according to the event, comfortably, and harmoniously, people feel more confident. When looking bad, people harm their self-esteem and limit their resources.


“Good taste and beauty are the ability to look harmoniously in a particular situation. It is also an organic combination of good appearance and internal individuality.” 

According to Tatyana Sibgatulina, only very few people (about 5%) have inborn impeccable taste. Most people have to bring up this quality in them. The more beautiful and aesthetic things people see around themselves, the better their taste becomes. 

Each person is a reflection of the world around him or her. That is why it is so important to approach what we fill our lives with consciously. It concerns what clothes we wear, what food we eat, and with whom we communicate. This is a developed culture of consumption. 

Beauty presupposes constant self-development, attention to detail, and self-care. One can buy a dress or a costume, do one’s hair and conquer everybody’s heart at a business meeting or some celebration. However, that will have a temporary effect. True beauty is a continuous process. Tatyana Sibgatulina believes in the necessity to turn taking care of oneself into a habit. In the future, that will help people remain beautiful in any situation. That will also save a lot of energy and time, which can be used not for making oneself look presentable but for fulfilling people’s potential. 

Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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