Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

Cybersport, Law, Creativity, and Mathematics

Elena Sutyrina on computer contests
Cybersport, Law, Creativity, and Mathematics

Digitalisation era gave people many new opportunities. Today, it is possible to immerse into virtual space without leaving home. Cybersport is one of the most popular phenomena of modern world. It includes competitions, computer-modeled technologies, and video games. The industry is rapidly developing worldwide. New professional cybersport clubs and platforms emerge. Russia doesn’t have cybersport law by now. However, there are experts engaged in the development of its legal culture at a professional level. Elena Sutyrina is one of them.

SutyrinaT.jpg Elena Sutyrina
lawyer, expert in legal regulation of cybersport in Russia, member of the Chamber of Advocates of Moscow, lawyer of the ‘Last Patrol’ Moscow Bar Association, co-owner of Martens Group legal company

Elena Sutyrina has upwards of 10 years of working experience in the legal field. She graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Law with honours and managed to try her hand at different branches of jurisprudence. Business advocacy was the most attractive one for her. Ms. Sutyrina enjoys analysing transactions and business projects. She represents clients before the courts, provide consulting services, and helps to embody her client’s idea into a working model and to protect the interests of investors and business owners. 

“Justice has always been important for me. I am happy that as a professional I can contribute to resolving conflicts and help people in achieving that very justice”, she comments. 


Law is an integral part of the life of a civilized society. It provides many opportunities and protects people from risks and injustice. However, many people neglect that and do not have necessary legal literacy. Elena Sutyrina sees her mission in dissimilation of basic knowledge of jurisprudence among different layers of society. 

Cybersport as an Important Part of Modern Culture 

Several years ago, one of Elena’s clients decided to invest money in cybersport. He chose a cybersport team and created a platform for competitions from scratch. The platform has the form of an interactive and entertaining complex. He needed the professional assistance of a lawyer to ensure the safety of the deal and building a new business innovative for Russia. 


At that moment, Elena Sutyrina had no knowledge of cybersport legal regulation. To help her client, she decided to immerse in the new field. It turned out that Russia had no sources to find that information. The lawyer had to conduct a serious study to make it possible for other lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, and participants of cybersport competitions to use that knowledge. 

Elena Sutyrina became one of the first authors of research articles on cybersport legal regulation in Russia. Her monography that is interesting for both lawyers and people far from that professional field is dedicated to that topic as well. 

Cybersport is a unique kind of sports accessible for everybody irrespective of their sex, age, and physical capacity. To join the competitions, one just needs a computer and internet access because all the process takes place in the virtual reality. New technologies are developing rapidly and cybersport is becoming increasingly popular in modern people’s lives. 

“It is important to recognise that cybersport is not just computer games. These competitions require training, discipline, professional skills, compliance with the rules, and even signing contracts from participants”. 

What Cybersportspersons Must Know 

Participation in cybersport competitions improves strategic thinking, reaction, attentiveness, and teamwork skills. 

Cybersport appeared not so long ago. At first, many people were not too serious about it. However, the situation has changed: participants approach preparation for the competitions responsibly and the number of interested viewers constantly increases. 

As an expert in cybersport legal regulation in Russia, Elena Sutyrina shared her professional advice with all those wishing to go in for this field. She recommended them to read documents on participation in competitions attentively. This simple rule will make it possible to avoid many problems and unexpected situations. 


Cybersportspersons like any other participants of competitions can be awarded for their achievements. 

To turn his or her hobby into a profession and make profit of it, a cybersportsperson must have a contract with an employer (team). Elena Sutyrina believes, it is necessary to address highly skilled lawyers that can tell you about all the nuances of the document in a language easy to understand. One must understand that any professional activity presupposes concrete duties and responsibility. Cybersport is not an exception. 

Thinking about cybersport development as part of the modern culture, Ms. Sutyrina emphasized that it would be useful to introduce such a discipline at educational institutions. 

Jurisprudence: Intersection of Creativity and Mathematics 

Sergey Alekseev, Russian renowned legal expert, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and professor, compared jurisprudence to further mathematics in one of his works. Elena Sutyrina shares his point of view: a good lawyer or jurist must be attentive to detail, able to think logically, make algorithms and find the best solutions for the most complicated tasks like mathematicians do. 

If mathematics is based on arithmetic and algebra, jurisprudence is based on law and proper juridical techniques. 

At the same time, Elena Sutyrina believes that jurisprudence provides a variety of creative opportunities. Any document or a lawyer’s speech is a product of creative activity of a person. Legislation has certain requirements to oral and written form of juridical information. However, the style of presentation and the choice of facts and arguments are certain person’s or expert group’s creative choices. 

Finding balance between logic thinking and creativity, between the necessary and the exciting, is one of the key life principles of Elena Sutyrina. According to her, that is the only way to reach success and not to burn out professionally or in any other field. 

Viktoria Yezhova,
Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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