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Ecosystem of Influence

Anna Belova on Trends in the Modern World
Ecosystem of Influence

Anna Belova is an international level expert in change management and transformation. She always openly shares unique interesting information about her field of activity at conferences and forums. Anna Belova has been an active participant of the Women Influence Community for several years already. The concept of the community is based on the philosophy of different paths of women’s influence. During WIC meeting in Moscow, the expert presented her report on challenges of today’s world. She expressed her view of the ecosystem of influence.

Белова1_T3.jpg Anna Belova
scientific director of the Moscow State University's Research Centre for System Transformation, expert representing Russia in the Global Future Council at the World Economic Forum, chairperson and board member of many Russian and international companies

Several years ago, when speaking at such events, Anna Belova talked about the essence of communication and technological revolution as the creator of completely new conditions for life and social development. Two years ago, transformation of business models into open system of producing knowledge and distributed enterprises. 

Last year, the expert focused on the topic of transformation of business culture. Anna Belova emphasized that the main that the things she could offer to clients considered to be the main ones. Today, the things that society awaits from a company are becoming much more important within the concept of ecosystems. Such approach became innovative in business culture. 


“Today, I am increasingly often thinking about too rapid pace of the world’s evolution. The changes are so dynamic that those new senses that we haven’t fully understood and accepted yet manage to transform again”, said Ms. Belova in the beginning of her speech this year. 

Modern technologies make the world change inevitably. Studies related to people, their physical abilities, and cognitive qualities are becoming deeper. Today, the things that seemed fiction happen in real life. Anna Belova provided an example of experiments on growing the brain from stem cells with sprouting neurons. However, it is still difficult for many people to imagine that the main human organ is able to produce signals outside the body.


Artificial intelligence is developing rapidly today. It is already actively applied in business, in production, and even in everyday life. There are examples of experiments when artificial intelligence acted as the CEO of a large company. It should be said that the results were quite successful. Moreover, according to various statistics, robotics can replace a significant part of the workforce, from 37% in the UK to 85% in African countries. 

Such incredible inventions and changes cause a lot of questions. What will people do? What will humanity’s organisation be like in the future? What ethical standards will the world have? According to Anna Belova, it is possible to set certain limits through effective influence.


Two years ago, she was invited to join the Global Future Council to the World Economic Forum in Davos. Members of this body are engaged in research of new technological challenges, trends, and risks. 

Only after understanding threats and risks and predicting possible problems, we can talk about regulation and effective influence in the world. 

According to Anna Belova, there are many cases that demonstrate the ability of artificial intelligence to transform. This happens thanks to the algorithm of self-learning integrated into its programme. However, it is important to take into account that if any mistakes are made at the input point, the subsequent decisions made by artificial intelligence can be complex, controversial, and even discriminating against the humanity’s interests.


The situation in the world brightly demonstrates this example. The issues of ethical standards and the future of the planet are closely related to the idea of establishing mechanisms for strategic goal-setting and proper regulation. 

The issues related to people’s culture, the system of their values, and the possibilities of collective influence on this system are coming to the forefront today. 

A few months ago, a number of CEOs of major companies signed a manifesto in which they proclaimed their business development goals. According to them, creation of shareholder value and profit maximization should not be the priority strategic goals of organisations today. Thinking about the well-being of future generations, balanced world development, and risk management is much more important. Commitment to such goals will make our planet more sustainable.


The ESG Index is another trend of today. The structure of this index includes three key screening processes: environmental, social and governance. The ESG Index demonstrates how committed a company is to core values in its activities and long-term strategy. 

Communication environment in the modern world is changing too rapidly. This creates new opportunities for not only transformation of business models but also formation of the influence of information flows on society. Any word that appears in the media space is capable of spreading around the world incredibly fast. This suggests that the media, government, and individual communities have a particular role in influencing society and shaping its mood. 


“Understanding that many thing depend on ourselves is what really can change our world”, believes Anna Belova. 

Trust and competence are the keys to effective influence. People having positive reputation and expertise in certain fields enjoy special authority in the eyes of others. According to Anna Belova, if a community has a critical mass of trust and its participants share common values relevant for the modern world, this community will develop its influence quickly, people will start referring to it, and its opinion will be listened to. 

“If we are able to establish such communities, initiate ideas, and transmit them to society, we will create a fundamentally new quality of our world and new opportunities for future generations”, emphasized Anna Belova. 

Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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