Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

It’s Time For Us to Choose Our Future Path

Anastasia Ptukha’s expert opinion on the situation in the world
It’s Time For Us to Choose Our Future Path

The Peace 50 community members unanimously believe that only when understanding the existing problems we can solve them. The modern world has faced serious challenges. The coronavirus pandemic aggravated the economic crisis. In addition, many countries faced problems in the public and political spheres. We invited Anastasia Ptukha, permanent expert of the Peace 50 in economics and sociology, to share her opinion about the situation in the world.

Птуха_0T.jpg Anastasia Ptukha
Board Chair of Step by Step, Vice President of the National Guild of Professional Consultants, Board Member of the Marketers' Guild of the Russian Federation, member of the Peace 50

Anastasia Ptukha is a practising scientist having a good sense of the economic situation in Russia and the world. She is the author of several books and over 200 publications on business, marketing, management, and social sciences. Anastasia has been advising Russian companies for many years helping them reach a new quality level.


– How would you describe the economic situation in the modern world? 

– Many scientists and economists now say that our civilization has come close to the phase of transition, to a kind of barrier that must they must overcome. I agree with them. That means that the previous economic opportunities, ideas, and methods are no longer relevant. The time has come for a qualitative change in all spheres of society.


Of course, it is not easy to put that into practice. It is always quite difficult for humanity to go through such transitions. We can see examples of that in history. One of them is the Middle Ages, which many experts call ‘Dark Ages’. In fact, any serious change is preceded by a crisis, which becomes the impetus for transformation. 

We were approaching the current difficult situation for a long time. The crisis that began in 2008 has not actually ended: it has been going on for 12 years. Russia and the whole world have been experiencing a series of continuous crisis phenomena during this time. 

Tension is growing and will continue to grow until we make that transition and recognise that the world needs new economic foundations, values, and patterns of interaction.


The phase transition is characterized not only by radical changes in all fundamental patterns but also by the presence of a certain bifurcation point. Human civilization will be able to choose different ways of development for itself. Much depends on the decisions that people will take. 

Anyway, the moment of phase transition is a very unstable position for the world. Anything can happen during this period. We can see it very well now. A number of countries that seemed to be quite stable from the economic and social points of view have become extremely unstable. 

There can be many reasons for all these events. However, according to many economists, the fact that we have come close to the phase barrier is the deepest reason. It is important to talk about that not to spread pessimistic moods and frighten the society but for people to realize that it is only up to us how we will overcome this barrier and which path we will choose. Some options look very encouraging.


– What values is it important to bring up in the younger generation and society in general to preserve peace and lead the world to the path of sustainable development? 

– You used a very correct word. I believe, bringing up proper ‘values’, is the key to solving the tasks set for the modern world. 

It seems to me that the lie that thrives at all levels is one of the main problems today. We often see politicians who tell lies to their people, governments of one country lie to those of other countries. There is ‘unhealthy’ competition between many international organisations. Everyone tries to show that they are better than others. This is not a creative policy. The same thing happens in society. Unfortunately, many people today are not guided by universal human values in terms of their actions and decisions. 

At the same time, the situation is not hopeless. Today, there are an increasing number of movements and opinion leaders transmitting human values to societies. Peace 50 is one of such movements. 

Our today’s task is not only to develop and increase the scale of projects aimed at spreading the right values but also to prevent the ‘substitution’ of life attitudes. For example, it is important to understand that freedom and happiness are not wealth and power. In fact, all humanistic ideas are based on such a deep notion as love.


– How do today’s events in the world today influence the thinking and worldviews of people? 

– On the one hand, many things that used to seem familiar to us are now valuable in our eyes. For example, in the self-isolation period, we understood how much live communication means to us. On the other hand, the crisis sharpened many contradictions and problems that existed before the pandemic. It made us busy with addressing them and showed that we can no longer wait. 

The world is changing, but human values remain the same. The sooner people understand how important it is to act with honour and conscience, to focus their efforts on creation rather than destruction, the sooner our civilization will move to the ‘phase of prosperity’. 

I believe that it is especially important to maintain a love of peace and the ability to enjoy simple things today. Of course, it won’t solve all problems but it will change the approach to solving them. Reassessment of values and conscious attitude towards every action is something that can help humanity overcome the crisis. 

This is exactly what is happening now. People gradually begin to understand that they need to change and, most importantly, they need to change the world for the better. We are the authors of changes, and it depends only on us whether they will be positive. 

– What can each person do for the world today? 

– The moment of crisis is the right time to stop and think about what is truly valuable. This is a time to reshape plans and revise strategies considering the consequences of any subsequent action carefully. When having the right approach, a crisis makes us stronger. 

Many people have already started to revise their values nowadays. The situation with the pandemic is a vivid example. When we first faced this problem on a global scale, many countries began to fence themselves off from the rest of the world struggling only for their own benefit. Over time, countries came to understanding the necessity to unite and cooperate in order to solve global problems. 

Such values as cooperation and mercy have come to the fore. People must believe in their power. 

In my opinion, each of us should follow one simple rule: when acting towards others, we should do what we would like to be done towards us. You can’t justify your bad deeds by the actions of someone else. We will manage to change the global situation only by starting with ourselves. 

Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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