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Building connection one heart at a time

Global Women Media 2020

Digest of the departing year
Global Women Media 2020

There is a tradition to sum up the results of the year on New Year’s Eve. In 2020, the Global Women Media website published over 180 materials. Our journalists have covered dozens of important events, interviewed more than 100 women leaders from around the world: Russia, the USA, Turkey, European countries, Asia, and Africa. The year was really eventful. To make sure that our readers won’t miss any of the important articles, we suggest you read a selection of our most outstanding publications in 2020.

Е1.jpg Marina Volynkina
Head and founder of the Global Women Media news agency
Е3.jpg Viktoria Yezhova
journalist of the Global Women Media news agency

Many events took place in 2020 within the Peace 50 community. The Second Summer Peace Summit, which has already become a good summer tradition, was one of our most large-scale events. Despite the fact that the event took place online, it brought together women leaders from different countries caring about the fate of the world.


The adoption of a resolution, a document that approved the main principles of the community, marked the new phase in the development of the Peace 50 in 2020. 

As part of the International Day of Peace established by the UN, the Peace 50 community hosted the Peace Hour action. Women from 20 different countries took part in the online marathon. They talked about the meanings of the word ‘peace’.


The pandemic year of 2020 was quite challenging in terms of holding public events. However, many important events did take place either online or in a limited offline format. The Global Women Media news agency was happy to provide them with news coverage and distribute useful content to a large audience. The GWM journalists maintained the established tradition and told its readers about the Women`s Leadership Forum in May and the Days of Contemporary Art (DOCA) festival in October. The news agency also wrote about how Skolkovo Foundation launched the regular Open Innovations Startup Tour and the WIC community held a series of meetings in Moscow and Africa. Our journalists paid special attention to the annual Cartier Women’s Initiative contest of business projects by interviewing Russian curators of the initiative.


The Global Women Media’s cooperation with the Women 20 and its founder Gülden Türktan reached a new level. The news agency became one of the few media units in Russia that regularly publishes exclusive material dedicated to the W20’s activities. 

The article about the inception meeting of the W20 in Riyadh and the detailed material about the W20 Communiqué 2020 translated into Russian for the first time became the most viewed articles about the W20 on the Global Women Media in 2020.


Of course, the new coronavirus pandemic that has spread worldwide became one of the most discussed topics on our website. The Global Women Media journalists talked a lot with women from different countries to inform the readers about the situation from the most comprehensive and multifaceted perspectives. Anna Wolf from Germany, Sehar Kamran from Pakistan, Barbara Dietrich from Belgium, and Gülden Türktan from Turkey shared their experience of overcoming the pandemic challenges.


Over the years of its operation, the Global Women Media has established a strong community of permanent experts. During the pandemic, many of them told us how to overcome difficulties and get out of stressful situations based on their personal experience and professional interests. Tatyana Chernigovskaya, famous psycholinguist, Veronika Peshkova, UN Goodwill Ambassador for Industrial Development, Carol Kinsey Goman, specialist in leadership and non-verbal communication and Forbes columnist, Svetlana Landa, founder of the Style of Life Academy international coaching centre, Anastasia Ptukha, economist, sociologist, and Step by Step Board Chair, Anna Vladimirova, specialist in Chinese medicine and health and emotion management, and professionals from many other fields shared their expert opinion.


During the pandemic, the Global Women Media journalists interviewed a number of highly qualified doctors who shared reliable and relevant information, which was so necessary for the people worldwide in this difficult and unstable time.


During this year, the Global Women Media has significantly expanded the scale of its international cooperation. The new friends of the web-portal included such interesting personalities as Dora Siliya, Minister of Information and Broadcasting of Zambia, Salma Al-Rashid, W20 Sherpa, Satya Tejasi, abbot of the Mauna Ashram, Miriam Leitner and Theresia Romberg-Frede, founders of the Different the Same project about women in China, Gong Min, founder of the WE Mandarin School, and other experts. The agency continued active cooperation with its regular partners. For example, Joynicole Martinez, CEO of The Alchemist Agency, Director of Research & Development at World Women Foundation, together with the Global Women Media held an online meeting for Russian schoolchildren. Michael Lewis-Anderson, cake maker of the Belgian royal family, whom journalists met during the First Summer Peace Summit, gave a philosophically thoughtful interview for the web-portal and even shared his recipes with the readers.


Together with Maria Suvorova, permanent expert of the Peace 50 and sinologist, the Global Women Media launched a series of articles on Chinese culture and business. Publications about the Chinese economy enjoyed great interest from our readers.


The news agency paid much attention to the regular topics of the web-portal. The Global Women Media journalists communicated with women leaders from the fields of business, science, culture, and art. 

Successful businesswomen from all over Russia shared their professional experience. The Global Women Media journalists talked about the challenges and opportunities in business development with Agnessa Osipova, CEO of Baskin Robbins, the country’s largest ice-cream company, and Elena Kirilenko, Director General of KELEANZ Medical. Elena Orlova, certified expert according to standards of the European Association for Emotional Intelligence and owner of a five-star hotel, spoke about why the economy of impressions is more relevant today than the economy of consumption. In addition, on the Eve of the New Year, we wrote about the main leadership lessons of 2020 that the leading Russian businesswomen have learned.


Global Women Media journalists talked with Viktoria Tuchinskaya about how creativity affects people, with Olga Remneva about developing the culture of the future, and with Elena Panteleeva about the uniqueness of contemporary artists and art-science direction.


In autumn 2020, the Organising Committee of the Peace 50 community decided that the main topic of the Third Summer Peace Summit will be devoted to environmental issues. 

The Global Women Media news agency has always paid a lot of attention to ecology. However, this year, the portal published probably the record number of ecology-focused articles. The journalists managed to get a unique interview with Yulia Ryazanova, marketing and PR director of L-PAK waste paper recycling plant. It is interesting that the publications talked not only about the need to preserve nature and the environment but also about cultivating eco-friendly habits and forming ecological consciousness in the society.


Ianina Cozari, Board Member of Brussels Press Club and Peace 50 permanent expert, who is a woman with a reverent and responsible attitude to environmental issues, invited us to participate in an international environmental online marathon

In spring 2020, when the entire world for the first time in history was forced to switch to a remote learning format in schools and universities, the Global Women Media journalists wrote a lot about the pros and cons of that transition with leading experts in the field of education

Maria Fadeeva, Head of the Directorate of the Foundation for the New Forms of the Development of Education, told our readers about the peculiarities of modern education.


Together with distinguished figures of science and culture, the Global Women Media news agency prepared a number of serious materials-lectures on a variety of topics. Nuclear physicist Irina Schreiber spoke about quantum consciousness and black holes. Psycholinguist Tatyana Chernigovskaya spoke about the relationship between brain processes and the study of art. Dr. Jon-Hans Coetzer, participant of Red Cross missions, gave a unique lecture on the special leadership style of Princess Diana, with whom he personally cooperated during humanitarian missions.


The heroines of our materials included many women of rare, unusual, and incredibly interesting occupations. The GWM journalists interviewed astronaut Nicole Stott and NASA nurse Raksana Batsmanova. They told amazing stories about working in space. Game artist Vera Velichko and innovation project development expert Marianna Skragan talked about esports and digital art. Elena Voronovich, researcher and curator of paintings of the first half of the 20th century, told about the multitude of tasks of curatorial exhibitions of the State Tretyakov Gallery. Elena Tyabutova, financial officer, shared her opinion about how thoughts, emotions, and life principles influence business success.


Many GWM articles in 2020 were dedicated to the success of women leaders from different fields. For these people, the difficult pandemic situation in the world was not a source of limitations. It was a challenge and overcoming it contributed to the emergence of new opportunities. 

This year, Svetlana Shmakova, Russian entrepreneur, won the APEC BEST AWARD international contest where she presented her project on gluten-free products launched during the pandemic.


Several women experts of the Global Women Media have published books that have received a great positive response from readers. They include ‘PRO Reforms’ by Anna Belova, ‘Lockdown Journeys – Recipes from around the World’ by Pick Keobandith, ‘The 8 and 1/2 Steps: How to Live, Love And Work At Full Capacity’ by Tatyana Mitrova, ‘Stand Out: How to Build Your Leadership Presence’ by Carol Kinsey Goman, ‘Let's Go! A Guide to Business Survival in Crisis. 155 Growth Hacks’ by Yulia Rakova, and a collection of ‘Letters to the Front’.


Many changes and launches of new projects took place in the friendly communities of the news agency. For example, the Institute for the Humanities and Information Technologies (IGUMO) together with the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, has created a unique course for teachers of creative disciplines in Russia.


The Alopetianka community has changed its leader in 2020. Our journalists were happy to meet Svetlana Kononchenko, the community’s new head, who told us about her new plans. 

The Global Talents web-portal of supplementary education launched a number of special projects that help students from all over Russia not only fulfil their creative and intellectual potential but also reduce stress in a period of instability and uncertainty and focus energy on right things during the self-isolation period.


Marina Mishunkina spoke about a social project by the Argumenty I Fakty publishing house dedicated to the memories of those children whose childhood and youth took place in the difficult time of the Great Patriotic War.


The ability to turn limitations into opportunities is one of the key skills of leaders. The year 2020 has proved that once again. However, we believe that the coming year will bring us a lot of joy, positivity, and even more opportunities to fulfil new ideas. 

Establishing horizontal communication and peaceful dialogue are important goals of the Peace 50 community and the Global Women Media news agency. 

In the process of communication with experts from different countries and spheres of activity, the GWM journalists try not only to get unique information but also to find answers to the questions that interest women worldwide. These are those thoughts and recommendations that help people become spiritually stronger, healthier, more intellectually developed, and more morally stable.


The Global Women Media has a goal to promote such values as a good and open heart, care for the world and the environment, and self-fulfilment. 

We are immensely proud to collaborate and network with women leaders from all over the world. We express our heartfelt gratitude to all our dear experts and readers for the attention and time they devote to creative work, for their sincere desire to share amazing stories, experience, and knowledge.


The year 2020 was challenging and stressful. However, all that experience helped us become stronger and maintain optimism and faith in ourselves. We wish your life would be full of love, new ideas, interesting meetings, and promising plans in the coming year. Let every morning be good and every evening be devoted to your family and friends. Let the happiness of communication with them always give you support and energy to fulfil all your plans.


We wish you sound health, peace, and well-being.

Happy New Year 2021! 

Marina Volynkina, Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency

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