Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

Andrey Kovalev Congratulating Women on March 8

Successful entrepreneur on the power of women’s potential
Andrey Kovalev Congratulating Women on March 8

Modern women are very talented and initiative. They not only find different ways to fulfil their potential but also strive to bring many valuable, important, and bright ideas and things into the world. On the eve of International Women’s Day, Marina Volynkina, Head of the Global Women Media news agency, interviewed Andrey Kovalev, a successful entrepreneur, billionaire, public figure, and musician. He shared his pieces of advice on how to succeed in business and transmitted his warmest wishes to women.

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Entrepreneur, public figure, musician

Andrey Kovalev is a person of incredible professional and life experience. He has great respect and warmth for women entrepreneurs although he does not define them as a separate unit of the business structure. During the interview, Mr. Kovalev shared his vision of the important qualities in today’s entrepreneurial environment and how women can succeed in their chosen business. He also made a present for women entrepreneurs on the eve of the holiday. 

Who is an Entrepreneur? 

Andrey Kovalev started his professional path many years ago as a craftsman. He made artistic furniture with his own hands and then sold it. At that time, running a business was much more difficult. Today, there are huge opportunities for this. Anyone with a good idea, a sincere desire, and a set of entrepreneurial qualities and professional skills can carry out a project in any field. 

According to Andrey Kovalev, in the first turn, a modern entrepreneur should be an honest and decent person. These are the two key qualities that help people establish effective communication in business based on trust and create a positive environment around themselves.


In entrepreneurship, as well as in art, talent is important. It is necessary for a person to pursue his or her business with sincere love. 

An entrepreneur must constantly develop his or her intellect. In this case, he or she can have both creative and analytical thinking. 

Andrey Kovalev believes that there is no place for laziness in entrepreneurship. Any project requires much effort, energy, time, and attention. 

Tenacity, determination, self-organisation, and discipline are equally important qualities for an entrepreneur. Moreover, one must always be ready to make risky decisions in business. One should be able to adapt quickly to changes and learn to use one’s own strengths. 

When launching a business, a person must be a real expert in the chosen field. He or she must know and feel it ‘from the inside’. 

Finally, luck has a significant place in entrepreneurship. No matter how highly-qualified, experienced, and educated a person is, he or she must understand that much depends on chance in business. However, all these skills can help an entrepreneur overcome difficulties and failures successfully. 

An entrepreneur is a person creating the environment, in which humanity lives. He or she clearly sees the needs that society has at the moment and responds quickly to the request. 

According to Andrey Kovalev, women are more capable of feeling the demands of society than men are. That is caused by the fact that they are mothers and wives who take care of their loved ones. They have a well-developed intuition, which helps them understand what their families need to live happily and comfortably.


What Is the Power of Women’s Entrepreneurship? 

Women are the bearers of the so-called soft power, including that in business. Unlike men, businesswomen try to take fewer risks and not to compete. Their relationships with partners are based on friendship and stability. 

Andrey Kovalev believes that women have a huge advantage in business. They have a unique ability to negotiate and to charm people with their tenderness and kindness. If they come up with a valuable idea or a fair request, it is simply impossible to refuse them. 

Many of the projects carried out by women are filled with great and sincere love. That is the embodiment of their great value and true strength. 

According to the entrepreneur, the business environment has long ceased to be male-dominated. Business is open and full of opportunities for women. In the 18th century, one could meet many women merchants in the market. Today, women entrepreneurs have infinite opportunities for growth.


How Can Women Believe in Their Strengths? 

Andrey Kovalev believes that modern women have great potential. They have an amazing ability to combine the roles of a caring wife and mother, a professional and an active public figure successfully. Unfortunately, not all women today feel confident enough to start participating in business projects. As emphasized by Andrey Kovalev, to fix the situation, they should pay attention to the already existing successful leadership models. 

According to the entrepreneur, Valentina Matvienko, Chairperson of the Federation Council and the third person in Russia’s political system, is one of the brightest examples of women leaders in the country. She is a strong, purposeful, and authoritative person always keeping the best female qualities in herself. 

Andrey Kovalev is not only an entrepreneur but also a musician. He often invites children from the audience to go on stage during his concerts. Over time, he noticed that girls feel more confident. However, in adulthood, women are often under the power of stereotypes and feel shy to fulfil themselves as leaders. 

The entrepreneur shared a few specific tips that will help women feel more confident in business.


Firstly, even during the early stages of project development, a person should always understand that he or she is doing exactly what he or she is capable of doing. One should always remember that business is not only about money but also about sincere passion for what one does. If your idea does not bring pleasure and satisfaction in the process of its fulfilment, it will most likely be of no interest for consumers. 

Secondly, it is always important to remember about the instability and changeability of the world. Any business should be started from careful and gradual small steps even if it is based on a brilliant idea. You should not invest all your savings in the project at once and take out loans. It is important to ensure that you have a ‘safety cushion’ providing you with a quiet and comfortable life even in case of unforeseen failure of an idea. 

Mistakes and failures are normal. Fortunately, people always have a choice. When facing difficulties, they can overcome them steadfastly or return to the starting point and chose any other profession instead of entrepreneurship. 

Thirdly, even when having the most beloved and interesting work, a person must have hobbies that help him or her distract and relax. Changing the sphere of activity from time to time is very useful. It helps people avoid emotional burnout. It is especially important for women loading themselves not only with professional responsibilities but also with household chores.


International Women's Day Gifts 

As a true gentleman, Andrey Kovalev treats women with respect and tenderness. He believes that they have a great responsibility today. Many modern women not only influence the world by bringing up the younger generations but also shape the space around them by fulfilling their potential in different fields including business. That is why the entrepreneur always supports women’s projects sincerely and openly. 

On the eve of International Women’s Day, Mr. Kovalev wished women from different countries to believe in themselves and their strength, to realize their uniqueness and talent. 

Andrey Kovalev wished women and their families good health.

“Women do a lot to maintain warmth and cosiness in their families. They bring love and care into the world. I would very much like to wish them happiness. Then not only they but also their loved ones, the people around them, and all people on the planet will share this feeling”.


As a gift, Andrey Kovalev invited women entrepreneurs to take part in an open discussion on the topic ‘Women's Entrepreneurship and Digital Technology’. The event will take place on March 30th at the Podsolnukhi Concert Hall. Andrey Kovalev, a billionaire, together with German Klimenko, a specialist in the Russian IT-industry, Yulia Rakova, an expert in digital technology, and Marina Volynkina, an intellectual property expert, will share unique experience and knowledge of using digital technology in business. 

Registration for the event 

Andrey Kovalev also invited all women entrepreneurs to take part in a panel discussion dedicated to women's entrepreneurship at the All-Russian Congress of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, which will take place this summer at the Grebnevo Estate. 

Marina Volynkina, Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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