Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

Collaboration Based on Understanding

Maria Suvorova on intercultural business communication
Collaboration Based on Understanding

Bridging business cultures of Russia and China is one of the main professional tasks of Maria Suvorova. According to her, friendly relations are the key to successful partnership. Maria is a consultant-Sinologist with 15 years of working experience. Heads of major Russian companies and founders of new promising projects often consult with her. This year, Maria Suvorova published a book, in which she tried to answer the most frequent questions of entrepreneurs about collaboration with China.

1Мария-Суворова_T.jpg Maria Suvorova
founder of B2B Perevod translation agency, translator-Sinologist, specialist in intercultural communication

Russia’s and China’s cultures are very different. People living in these neighbouring countries think and perceive the world around differently. Entrepreneurs understand that very well but do not always can immerse in learning the features of the mentality of their potential partners. Oftentimes, a business owner has only few days to change their plans and establish a new strategy of interaction. That is why Maria Suvorova in her book described not differences between these two business cultures but details having great impact on communication building. 


Understanding is the foundation of strong interrelations.

Ms. Suvorova’s pieces of advice are united into several sections in the book. The first one is for people who only started thinking about conducting business with China. Maria Suvorova tells about how to choose your niche, avoid being tricked, and use budget efficiently. The second section is for those who are already in process of establishing communication. It is dedicated to smaller nuances of business communication. 

One of the most frequent examples Maria Suvorova provides to demonstrate the features of intercultural communication is the following: the Chinese never deny cooperation directly. Their ‘no’ often sounds like ‘we should think about it’, ‘we will tell you later’, ‘we will call you back’. As a rule, an unprepared negotiator can hardly understand what the words of potential partners actually mean.


Maria Suvorova helps people establish the most efficient communication possible. She strives to provide people with an opportunity to learn from the existing experience, not from their own mistakes. Every step, particularly the first one, is important in making establishing friendly partnership. 

Maria Suvorova told about the Chinese manner of hosting business meetings, forums, and conferences, the most favourable way to present your project, and the things in communication that are worth investing money, energy, and time.


For example, according to Ms. Suvorova, it is unprofitable translate Russian websites into Chinese. They are visited poorly. In addition, the Chinese do not use Facebook. WeChat messenger is particularly popular in China. 

Today, China is one of the most promising partners. It provides huge space for business development in both import and export. 

Over one billion of people make up the population of China. Even if a small part of it is interested in the proposed product, it will positively contribute to your business. However, one should take into consideration: Chinese market is a close structure and it is difficult to become the part of it. Establishing communication is a key step in overcoming this barrier.


In modern world, an increasing number of companies recognise the value of cooperation, not competition. This positive trend erases the borders within one country and in intercultural space. 

The book’s keynote is the idea of the importance of mutual understanding. Without that your business is doomed to failure irrespective of prices, quality of goods, custom situation, and other aspects”, believes Ms. Suvorova. 

“Collaboration is not just the necessity to share your ideas but also vast opportunities”. 

Maria Suvorova’s business cards have an inscription that she is a professional friendship- and communication-maker with Asia. She believes that strong partnership is much more important than income and temporary success. Everything starts with trust. After that, pursuing common goals becomes possible. 

Viktoria Yezhova,
Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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