Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

Interactive Development for Effective Growth

New project by a Peace 50 member
Interactive Development for Effective Growth

The opening ceremony of the Centre for Integrative Development took place in Moscow last week. That unparalleled institution is an original project by Marina Spirande, one of the members of the Peace 50 community. Together with her husband Roman Litvinov, she opened that centre to help people change their quality of life by teaching them to think broadly, to understand themselves, and to approach everything around them consciously. We interviewed Marina Spirande about her new project and learned about the essence of integrative development and its importance for a modern person.

Спиранде_T1.jpg Marina Spirande
lifecoach, author of the book ‘Mindsurfing. Consciousness Techniques for a Happy Life’, co-founder of the Centre for Integrative Development

An integrative approach is now popular in science, medicine, education, art, business, and many other fields of human activity. It is an approach that brings together individual narrow areas into common system integrity. Holistic medicine focused on maintaining human health in general rather than on the treatment of separate diseases is an example of the integrative approach. 

The result of integration is synergistic, i.e. it is always greater than the sum of the qualities of its elements. 

The centre founded by Marina Spirande and her husband is not a medical institution. However, its concept is also based on a comprehensive care for human health, the philosophy of holistic well-being.


– What is the key feature of your Centre for Integrative Development? 

– In today’s world, many scientific branches are making it possible for people to better understand themselves and their bodies. Those include, for example, different areas of psychology, sociology, neurophysiology, social anthropology, stress management, innovative healthy nutrition systems, physical activity, nutrition science, and microbiota protection. 

Together with experienced experts, we have combined knowledge from all these areas. We turned it into a common system: the programme for managing the quality of life. 

Thanks to that integrated approach, a person feels like getting to know himself or herself again. People start understanding why they take certain decisions in life, what factors cause their psycho-emotional states, actions, or inactions that determine the final reality.


By understanding ourselves and learning to treat all our actions consciously, we can change our way of life and influence its quality. 

Lessons will take place in a variety of formats. Today, during the first phase of launching our centre, we have paid special attention to interactive lectures. During such meetings, visitors will be able to not only listen to the speakers but also ask them any questions, offer specific personal situations in life for analysis. By the way, not only our permanent experts but also invited specialists including well-known opinion leaders will share their experience during the interactive lectures. 

Most of these lectures will be free of charge. It was crucial for us to create an open and accessible platform for disseminating useful high-quality information.


During the first week, we held lectures on health management, stress management, and human relations in the broadest sense. We talked about social success at all levels, from a personal one to business relations, and discussed the system of mutual influence of people on one another. The main thing that unites all topics is that we show how conscious management of the vector of people’s thinking and the use of emotional and body intelligence changes the quality of life and health. 

In addition to lectures, we will conduct training events, seminars, workshops, transformation games, business generators, and discussion clubs so that the topics of mental and physical health become interesting and understandable. It will be possible to study in large groups as well as in those consisting of 3-5 people. 

In addition, we will offer our visitors classes on various health practices. For example, meditations, tai chi, breathing practices, and qigong. They not only benefit the body but also bring up a culture of awareness, which is especially important for modern society.


– Why is it so important to pay attention to integrative development today? 

– Just recently, humanity lived in a reality where only one new skill or knowledge in a new field of activity ensured the achievement of goals and success in career and life. Today, the world is changing at an incredible speed. The architecture of reality is transforming in all areas of human life and the environment. It is a challenge and great stress for people. 

Today, it is no longer enough for a person to expand competence in any narrow area to overcome internal anxiety and fulfil one’s potential. 

This is reminiscent of the words of Lewis Carroll: “... here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.” In other words, if we want to manage our lives, we need a systemic vision and systemic solutions. That’s why integration in all fields of human life and activity is now fast and global.


– When did the idea to create the Centre for Integrative Development come to you? 

– It started forming inside of me quite a long time ago when I discovered the system of integrative management of quality of life and made things as clear as a bell. I wanted to not only develop myself but also share my knowledge with others. Several years ago, my husband and I came to the idea that it would be great to create our own centre. It was important for us to find a place where we could share our knowledge openly with as many people as possible. For us, that was the idea of a particular social project. 

The idea of that initiative culminated during the First Summer Peace Summit in Brussels. After meeting and communicating with amazing members of the Peace 50 community who are wise, spiritually strong, and meaningful women, I was finally convinced that I was moving in the right direction. All my plans and ideas have taken on a very clear form. 

Unbelievable, but then everything has started to work out by itself. We understood that we needed the help of government bodies to conduct free classes at a venue for a large number of people. Nicole Chernykh and Larisa Tiunova, representing the prefecture of the Central District of Moscow, believed in our project and supported it. Thanks to them, we turned our project into reality. 

Such support from government agencies once again emphasizes that the idea of integrative development is relevant to society and our project is useful and important for other people.


– The Centre for Integrative Development was opened last week. What were your impressions of the event? What plans do you have for the future? 

– It was very pleasant that many people came to the opening ceremony. It was not just a tribute, but a sincere interest to the project, to those initiatives and plans that were the basis of our centre. 

The first visitors included opinion leaders, for example, Olga Kavkazskaya, a well-known Bikram Yoga coach in Russia and abroad. This woman is over 80 years old but many young people can still learn her proactive attitude, love of life, and positive energy. The centre was also visited by Olga Shurygina, President of the Russian Yoga Federation and an internationally qualified yoga judge, and Andrey Syrchenko, an expert and an international judge on massage and spa technologies. 

In addition, the opening was attended by many managers of companies with whom we have been working in a corporate format for many years, conducting stress management programmes and health activities at their organisations. It is pleasant that, after discovering the meaning of integrative development, these people not only continue to develop but also strive to give this opportunity to their employees. 

The future belongs to integrative development. Integration is the principle of evolution of all living systems. We are happy that this is really interesting for people. That means, we have a reason to expand our own horizons to help other people do the same. 

Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency 

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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