Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

One Spark Lighting the World

Joynicole Martinez on the power of motherhood and femininity
One Spark Lighting the World

There are several paths of women’s influence on the world. Joynicole Martinez is an expert having experience in different fields. She is a consultant, doctor, epidemiologist, journalist, university professor, and executive coach. However, being a mother is the most influential part of her life. Joynicole Martinez has five wonderful children, the eldest of whom is 10 years old. Within the forum of the Women Influence Community in Moscow, Ms. Martinez told about the power of the influence of women mothers.

Джойниколь_T.jpg Joynicole Martinez
Professor, epidemiologist, journalist, executive coach, mother with a large family

Today, many women pursue career, fulfill social projects, become entrepreneurs, and achieve major success in society. They have a great impact on the world across different fields of activity. At the same time, people pay less attention to a woman’s role of a mother in the modern world. 

Joynicole Martinez believes that the world needs to reconsider the significance of this strong ‘soft power’. 


“I often say women are like confined sparks. We are born with this fire, this kind of energy that needs to be out”, she says. 

Unfortunately, many countries have patriarchy that make women’s energy hide deep in consciousness, thus confining women’s power. According to Ms. Martinez, women start feeling in a different way after giving birth to a child. That spark is forced out. All that creative energy that women have inside is forced out.


“Our task is to approach our resources consciously and make the spark a source of inspiration for other people. We can and must contribute to the fulfilment of women’s potential by showing the successful life examples of women leaders”, believes Joynicole Martinez. 

A woman has unique energy to create, nurture, and transform.


Women can influence internally and externally. For example, women as mothers create the systems of values in their families. This can be traced in rearing their children and their partnership. 

The external circle of influence is wider. It relates to a woman’s professional work and social service, her communication with like-minders, colleagues, and friends, and participation in certain events. Fulfilling their social mission, women not only create the new systems of values but also transform the existing ones, thus changing the world for the better.


Joynicole Martinez shared the words of her colleague that inspired her. According to her colleague, success means effectiveness in the world, the way what she contributes to the world. 

Emotional stability, extraversion, openness to experiences, agreeableness, and being conscientious are the natural qualities of a woman. They make it possible to not only attain personal success but also contribute to achieving greater goals. Many leading companies understand that very well today. 


According to different studies, women’s engagement in leadership influences the company’s ideology making it possible to develop its corporate culture and increase income by at least 10%. 

The influence of women as mothers is much more significant than it is considered at first sight. They can transform the economic and social environment in the world. When fulfilling projects, starting businesses, and joining certain communities, women think about how to create a better future for their children. They are committed to inclusion, justice, sustainable development, and diversity.


“I call upon all women to always remember about the flame living in their hearts. They only need to let it out. The more we share our creative energy, the brighter our flame is”, concluded Joynicole Martinez. 

Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency 

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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