Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

Peace Hour: Joining Our Hearts

P50 will host a traditional Peace Day action
Peace Hour: Joining Our Hearts

The United Nations declared September 21 as the permanent date for the International Day of Peace. On September 21, the Peace 50 community annually hosts the Peace Hour online action. Women from all over the world call upon all concerned people of the world to ‘join their hands’, think, and discuss the most important things.

Peace is one of the most important words in every person’s life. One of the main tasks of humanity lies in preserving peace. Today, that topic is more relevant than ever. The planet faced a number of serious challenges and it is only possible to overcome them by joining efforts.


There are different ways of preserving peace: at the level of state structures and political decision-making, by creating and developing social, entrepreneurial, cultural, and educational projects, and by promoting private and partnership initiatives. Women’s diplomacy has demonstrated its great effectiveness in this area.

There are many ways to preserve peace but they all start with the same things: caring about one another and unconditional love in our hearts.


In the first turn, women naturally perform the role of mothers. That is why they understand the importance and value of preserving peace better than anyone else.  They know how much their families, children, and loved ones need peace.

The Peace 50 community brings together active, successful, and caring women from different countries. All P50 members not only have extensive expertise and professional experience but also carry out projects, thus fulfilling their social responsibility. These women invest a great deal of energy and effort in preserving peace.


One of the important values of the Peace 50 community is related to establishing horizontal communication based on mutual understanding and support. Women of the whole world consider such communication to be the most powerful and strongest foundation because its participants are united by a commonality of spirit. It’s no coincidence that ‘building connections from heart to heart’ has become the Peace 50’s slogan.

Every June, P50 members meet to discuss the challenges experienced by society on its path to sustainable development. The Peace 50 holds an annual Summer Peace Summit, a large meeting of women from different countries, to establish and develop horizontal communication.


The Peace Hour action has become another warm tradition. Every year, on September 21, women leaders from Russia, Turkey, Germany, Belgium, the USA, South Africa, Armenia, India, Ukraine, Mongolia, China and many other countries meet online to share their vision of the importance to preserve peace and end wars or any other destructive actions and to suggest solutions to the existing problems.


Such meetings are extremely important because they make it possible to join hearts, strengthen ties, and turn individual thoughts, ideas, and plans into the big common picture. Thanks to that, it is possible to think more clearly about large-scale and local strategic steps, to move in the right direction, and to formulate the goals of any entrepreneurial, social, cultural, and educational projects more accurately.

The Peace 50 will organise the next Peace Hour on September 21, at 4 p.m. (Moscow time). The community invites all interested journalists and bloggers to join the event and cover the event in their media.

Marina Volynkina, Barbara Dietrich, co-founders of the Peace 50 community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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