Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

Peace Hour: Vision of the Rising Generation

Peace 50 members hosted an action with students
Peace Hour: Vision of the Rising Generation

Every year, on the International Day of Peace established by the United Nations, the Peace 50 community holds a Peace Hour. Women leaders from different countries meet online to discuss issues related to preserving the planet. This time, the event had a format of a dialogue between generations. Students shared their opinions and ideas about preserving and developing peace on equal footing with Peace 50 members.

pro_01.jpg Marina Volynkina
Head of the Global Women Media new Agency, Rector of the Institute for the Humanities and Information Technologies (IGUMO) and the International College for Arts and Communication (MKIK), co-founder of the Peace 50 community (Russia)
pro_02.jpg Barbara Dietrich
Editor-in-Chief of Diplomatic World Magazine, co-founder of the Peace 50 community (Belgium)

In her welcoming speech, Marina Volynkina, co-founder of the Peace 50 community, informed the participants about the fact that the organisers of the event had prepared a useful gift for the participants. They invited 16 talented and active students willing to share their ideas and thoughts. That is especially important and valuable when discussing issues related to the preservation of the planet.

Adults have a great responsibility. It is they who create today’s world, in which their children are growing up and in which the younger generation will live in the future. To make this future happy, we need to understand what is important and valuable to today’s youth, what understanding and meanings young people put into such a deep and comprehensive concept as ‘peace’.


The Peace 50 community members are role models and mentors for the younger generation. They understand the importance to communicate openly with young people, hear their voices, talk about peace with them in unison, and move towards a common goal jointly with them.

The dialogue with young people makes it possible for women leaders to prioritize their projects more clearly and accurately and consider the interests of different generations. In addition, thanks to such communication, one can combine experience and a fresh vision and create a platform for exchanging knowledge, ideas, energy, and inspiration.


“When we meet, we have the opportunity to hear one another. This is probably the most important thing in the preservation of peace”, believes Marina Volynkina.

Participation in the action was also very important for the students as well. They had an opportunity to speak at an international platform, express their opinions, and, most importantly, be heard and understood.

The younger generation’s care, openness, sincerity, and humanity showed once again that the world of the future is in good hands. Today’s youth approaches caringly and responsibly to the fate of the planet. Young people sincerely wish to contribute to solving the existing problems.

The Global Women Media is happy to share the brightest quotes from the students’ speeches about the meaning of ‘peace’ for them:

“For me, peace is a smile. I believe that this is a kind of language that people should be able to speak. A smile is the first thing you notice in another person. When we smile, we infect others with our smile”.

“Freedom from pressure and condemnation and the ability to accept and understand one another are so important. In my opinion, they are the source of peace. In such conditions, each person will be able to reach the heights that he or she strives for”.


Peace is a comprehensive dialogue built not only at the level of the state but also among people. Nowadays, diplomacy helps to build international cultural projects, entrepreneurship, and education because the word is one of the most efficient ways to bring information to the mind and the heart at the same time”.

“For me, peace is about good relationships between people and good attitudes towards people. It is important for every person to be able to transform negativity into something constructive. People’s attitude to others returns back to them. Therefore, it is important to radiate positive energy”.

“Peace is about endless love: for living beings, for nature, for the planet. The important message that I have for you today is: please don’t be afraid and don’t stop loving, our world is the strongest energy. It depends only on ourselves how we use this energy, where we draw it from, and how we spend it”.

“Saving the global starts with saving all the little things around us. To save the planet means to save our world”.


“A second of everyone’s life changes the world. We have a powerful tool: the ability to think. After all, our thoughts are causal, which means that after the cause comes the effect. And we are able to choose what the ‘result’ will be like”.

“For me, a harmonious world can be compared to a rainbow that goes from one shade to another. There are no exact shades in a rainbow and in life and thanks to us, after a while, all the darker shades are blurred into light ones that we can enjoy in peace and love”.

“Support is soft power having incredible energy and potential. By supporting one another, we hold hands. That is why our meetings and our communication are important. Thanks to them, we feel that we are united, that our future depends only on us. Thanks to that support, we know that we can do everything”.


The Peace 50 community members were genuinely impressed and encouraged by the students’ words. They gave feedback to the speakers and suggested that the dialogue should be continued and developed in the future.

Barbara Dietrich, Editor-in-Chief of Diplomatic World Magazine, emphasized the importance of engaging the younger generation in a peace-focused dialogue. Children and young people are those who will live in the future. That is why it is very important for them today to feel their responsibility for the fate of the planet, be aware of the existing problems, and understand their significant role in addressing them.

Pick Keobandith, expert in art and cultural diplomacy and the founder and director of Inspiring Culture, added that she was excited about how beautiful the world of tomorrow was in the eyes of today’s youth. After summing up the messages of the students, she noted that almost all speakers talked about the desire to create a future for people to live without fear and aggression but in an atmosphere of love and harmony. For Pick Keobandith, it was especially pleasant to hear that the younger generation felt responsible for peace-building and adhered to such values as mutual respect, tolerance, crossing borders, unification, environmental care, stability, and taking action to make a change.


“Peace is a source of both individual and collective opportunities, needs, and actions to preserve our humanity and planet. We must act jointly without forgetting about our personal responsibility”, believes Pick Keobandith.

According to Vanda Gagiano, Honorary President of the Free State Women Agricultural Union in South Africa, the collaboration of younger and older generations worldwide is the most effective way to create a better future for the planet. Every person and every action makes a huge difference in that great cause.

Vanda Gagiano wished young people to appreciate the power of words and thoughts. She reminded them: everything starts with what and how we think, what message we convey to the world through our actions. As she emphasized, to achieve harmony, people must learn to maintain their own inner harmony and stop polluting their minds with negativity, resentment, and regrets.


People of the world speak different languages but they can feel one another’s emotions. That’s why it is so important to share smiles and positivity. That creates an endless chain of goodness and joy, which is important for the preservation and development of peace.

Joynicole Martinez, CEO of The Alchemist Agency and Director of Research & Development at World Women Foundation, agreed with the students’ idea that love and support are especially important in preserving peace. The expert believes that soft power, which brings together concerned people from different countries, is based on those very values. Amazing projects appear when those people meet and exchange their thoughts, ideas, and energy. They can change humanity’s life for the better.

As emphasized by Joynicole Martinez, caring for one another is extremely important in preserving peace. That simple action makes it possible to bring harmony and balance to the world and eliminate any fears or worries.


Love erases borders, builds bridges, prevents wars, and moves humanity forward. It is a great power accessible only to people with an open heart and a pure soul. Therefore, love is the main thing that the older generation can and should teach children.

As concluded by the Peace 50 community members, there should be as many events like the Peace Hour as possible. It is necessary to raise peace-related issues all the time without waiting for a holiday or any other occasion. The more events devoted to that topic take place in different countries, the more people are involved in the agenda and the more chances they have to create a safe and bright world for the rising and future generations.

The Peace 50 community plans to expand communication between women leaders and youth. The action organisers proposed each of the participants to invite talented, active, and caring young people from their countries to join the dialogue. This will erase borders and build horizontal communication aimed at the future and remaining strong even years and decades later.

Viktoria Gusakova, Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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