Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

Right Words Can Make the World Better

Radio host Elena Glishchinshaya on the responsibility of journalists
Right Words Can Make the World Better

For Elena Glishchinskaya, ‘information’ is a word having a special meaning. As a professional, she understands very well what responsibility rests with all those listened to by millions of people. Ms. Glishchinskaya worked in television, newspaper and at the news press. However, according to her, radio is the most interesting and difficult branch of journalism. Today, Elena Glishchinskaya is an author of programmes and radio host at Sputnik radio. She transmits information for Russian speaking people in 42 countries.

ГлищинскаяT.jpg Elena Glishchinkaya
author of radio programmes, radio host

Radio is the kind of media where journalists can attract the attention of the audience with their voice. The talker can’t highlight an article’s title with bright colours or illustrate the described action with photos or videos. Ms. Glishchinskaya believes, that makes this work more difficult and interesting. 

“My task is to present information in such a way that people hear and understand me properly. It is important to choose every word carefully to carry the message properly for all countries”, she explains. 

“Every journalist must understand that his or her words will influence the public opinion. That is why it is so important to approach your work responsibly and carefully”. 


The radio station Elena Glishchinskaya works at shares the news of political, social, cultural, and scientific fields with the audience and tells them about the most important events in the world. The journalist believes that people’s life stories are much more interesting that statistics and plain facts. They not only reflect the world’s events but also show how they influence people and society in general. That is why Ms. Glishchinskaya often invites interesting people engaged in different fields of activity to her studio. 

“Journalism is, in the first turn, about people and for people”. 


Moreover, life stories give the listeners not the ready made conclusions but information to be thought through. Elena Glishchinskaya believes that it is important to bring up people’s ability to think independently and analyse. The flow of information is not so rich now that it is necessary for people to learn to filter visual and audio content. 

At the same time, the task of any responsible media is to provide their audience with verified high quality news showing the situation from different perspectives. 


Unfortunately, today’s media space is full of much negative information in the pursuit of the best ratings. However, many media and separate journalists start advocating creation of positive information environment. Elena Glishchinskaya support them in that. 

“We can’t separate some information, because bad events happen in our lives anyway. As journalists, we have no right to silence them. The question is how the media present facts”, believes Ms. Glishchinskaya. 


It is important not to sow panic in society and not to broadcast negative news just to satisfy the curiosity of the audience. The media have a great influence on public opinion and people’s perception of the world. They can use that power for good: to tell how to address the existing problems and what people are able to do for it.

Negative information can also have a creative rather than a destructive effect if presented properly. Recognition of the problem is the first step towards solving it.


According to Elena Glishchinskaya, the words that ‘a spoken word takes its flight’ are extremely relevant within the so-called ‘internetization’ of society. “In fact, any person can transmit information to millions of other people from different continents. One shouldn’t be afraid of that. The main thing is always to be responsible for your actions and think about the consequences. Sometimes a few right words or phrases are enough to inspire many people and make the world happier”, believes Elena Glishchinskaya. 

Viktoria Yezhova,
Global Women Media news agency 

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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