Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

Sati Mata: “Rejoice and Bring Joy!”

Secrets of happiness from a spiritual development master
Sati Mata: “Rejoice and Bring Joy!”

Sati Mata is a Master of Himalayan Siddha-Yoga, author of a set of books on spiritual development. She is a deep and wise person and communication with her always brings great pleasure, inspiration, and new ideas. The Global Women Media journalists talked with the expert about the lessons taught by the year 2020 in her life and that of the whole humanity in general.

Сати-Мата_0T.jpg Sati Mata
PhD in Psychology, Spiritual Master of Himalayan Siddha-Yoga, President of the Academy of Himalayan Siddha Yoga and Human Self-Fulfilment, Editor-in-Chief of ‘Be the Light’ magazine, author of books about yoga and spiritual development

Sati Mata has devoted more than 12 years of her life to spiritual practices and spiritual fulfilment. Today, women from all over the world come to her for advice and listen carefully to her ideas and insights. 

The year 2020 was eventful and challenging emotionally and psychologically. However, according to Sati Mata, there are universal rules and everyone can overcome any difficulties and feel happy by following them.


– The year 2020 comes to its end. In late December, there is a tradition to sum up the results of the year. What were the most valuable lessons of the year 2020? 

– The first lesson is to be in peace of mind irrespective of the circumstances. It is important to learn to accept everything that destiny and the universe have in store for us. 

The second lesson is to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the internet without losing our humanity. Today, the ability to convey feelings, emotions and energy through the screen is a valuable skill. This makes online communication livelier and increases its effectiveness. 

My work is closely linked to people and close communication with them. That is why, after the closure of the borders and introduction of self-isolation regime, it was quite challenging for me to get used to the need to move from real life to online mode. 

Over time, it became absolutely clear: today’s online space is a very effective communication environment, which has a powerful influence on people. 

It is important not to walk into a trap here. When immersing ourselves in digital reality, we become dependent on it quickly. That’s probably another lesson of 2020.


– What projects and events of the outgoing year were the most significant for you? 

– In 2020, special attention was paid to online projects related to the development of spiritual education. Thanks to them, we managed to create the ‘virtual presence’ effect, which is essential for our seminars. 

Despite being in a country with closed borders, I managed to bring together hundreds of people from 13 countries at one time in one place. That was incredible! I was sharing the most important knowledge and practices with them for 9 months. 

Today, we all have become participants in the development of a fundamentally new social institution. The internet as a social and cultural phenomenon is a part of it. 

In my opinion, the internet and all the infinite amount of information stored there make people farther from their true nature. That does not make us happier. However, we are already in a situation where digital space and new technologies have become an integral part of our lives. Today, we must not only adapt to the new realities but also find a way to use the available opportunities for good. The internet can be a voice of good and a powerful educational tool if we chose the right focus for it.


Some people are still sceptical of spiritual masters delivering lectures on the net. I deeply disagree that that diminishes the quality of knowledge transfer. 

The internet can be alive! We create content depending on the level of development of our consciousness. Moreover, the transmission of energy at a distance is a scientifically proven fact. 

Today, the internet is overflowing with ‘eco-unfriendly’ and toxic content that destroys the human mind and consciousness. I believe that the established masters, real practitioners, and people with the right values can become a ‘ray of light’ in a ‘dark realm’.


– The negative influence of the content of poor quality became especially noticeable during the pandemic. Information remains a valuable resource for people. What information should we consume today? 

– Our world consists of three main categories: the good, which brings peace and joy; the active, which excites the mind and makes us seek, fight, and win; and the inert, which is fraught with endarkenment and laziness. 

I believe that the ‘food’ for the human senses and mind must necessarily be good. 

Everything we look at and everything we hear or read must awaken our spiritual pure desires. 

We explore the world with our five senses. Physical food saturates our bodies undergoing the process of digestion. ‘Food for the mind’ undergoes transformation the same way in our consciousness. The easier that happens, the more energy we have left. The internal human system is arranged in an interesting way. It is easier for it to ‘digest’ good information. As a result, we have more energy to do important and great things. 

I would advise observing a ‘healthy diet for the mind’ and following the principle of conscious consumption in everything. When selecting books, lectures, movies, and TV programmes for yourself, chose what develops consciousness and spiritual intelligence.


Today, ecology-related issues are very acute. It is also becoming obvious that it is only possible to preserve the planet by bringing up eco-friendly consciousness in the society. How do you understand the expression ‘eco-friendly thinking’? 

– I would call eco-friendly those thoughts that do not contain condemnation in the deepest sense of the word. This is the total acceptance of everything that happens in our lives. One should always start with oneself! 

People are by nature critical creatures. On the one hand, we are endowed with incredible brain capabilities not available to any other living creature. On the other hand, we often focus our thoughts on making judgments about everything and everyone we contact with. This process happens spontaneously and unconsciously. Sometimes it seems to us that we are not inclined to judge. However, aren’t we? 

Criticism, discussion, judgment, evaluation, and comparison are all things that can be compared to the rejection of the world, life, and oneself. 

We can start with small things by trying to think consciously and not make judgments about other people and events that do not concern us. 

Everything we face in this life is the result of our deeds in the past. Nothing happens by accident! Let people learn their lessons and consciously learn yours. Learn not to hurt anyone through your thoughts, words, or actions. I believe, that is the essence of eco-friendly thinking.


­– Today, people talk a lot about mindfulness. However, few people fully understand the deeper meaning of this notion. What does it mean for you? 

– Mindfulness is a state, in which we can observe the activity of the mind. It is the awakening of consciousness, the clarity of mind, and a continuous attentiveness in every moment of life. It is the understanding that the present is the only time that really exists. 

Achieving a state of mindfulness is truly a great skill. It is like meditation, during which a person is in the state of absolute clarity, sees 360-degrees around him or her, and understands the cause-and-effect relationship of all events. 

Mindfulness is inseparably linked to the state of the Observer.


In the higher centre in the area between the eyebrows, we have an ‘observation point’ from which all organs and energy centres are controlled. It is called Sakshi in Sanskrit, which means Witness. It is the one who observes all the events in our life but remains unaffected and impartial. 

Mindfulness is the power of the Spirit, the victory over the passions and affections of the body, mind, and consciousness. 

Most importantly: mindfulness is Love itself. A conscious person cannot transmit any other feeling than acceptance and love into the world. He or she is in society feeling part of it but always alone with him- or herself, with his or her true nature. Only in this state a person realizes his or her unity with the whole world and is holistic and therefore happy.


– This year was challenging. Many people are still in a state of confusion and stress. Can you share tips on what to do for people who have succumbed to anxiety and stress? 

– Chronic stress is shaped by a person’s chronic struggle with the world and him- or herself. The struggle is always the tension caused by a lack of acceptance. 

People strive to possess many things in the world but completely forget about the fact that they themselves are the world. 

People who do not accept themselves, others around them, and some situations in their lives are in a constant struggle. Today, many people complain to each other about their friends and relatives. They complain about the state and their bosses, thus choosing the role of a ‘victim’. At the same time, they are completely unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives. 

There is interesting research that confirms the existence of some people’s attachment to their own suffering. It is comfortable for them to live in such a state. However, any mental or physical pain is a defensive reaction, a signal that a person is doing something wrong and needs to change behaviour.


There is only one way to get rid of pain and stress: to stop thinking of ourselves as victims, to stop complaining and judging forever, and to realize that we create our own environment. 

The space around us reflects what is inside us. If we are afraid of something and ‘carry’ the fear around with us, we will face it sooner or later. The principle is the following: we get only what we project into the world. 

The secret of being healed is quite simple. We need to stop opposing the space and people around us, thus eliminating most of the sources of stress. Then we will be able to focus all energy on good thoughts, words and actions, creation and enlightenment, and shaping a harmonious and peaceful world. 

Any spiritual practice, for example, yoga, is the best way to maintain physical, mental, and spiritual balance. Daily exercises for the body and mind help remove toxins from the body and ignite the inner fire that transforms negative energy into positive and helps awaken mindfulness and better feelings in the human heart.


What would you like to wish our readers on New Year’s Eve? 

– To understand that the world around us is the continuation and reflection of ourselves. 

Human life is supremely sacred, sublime, and divine. It should not be squandered in the pursuit of low goals. 

That is why I wish people to follow this path and enrich their lives with pure thoughts and good intentions. 

We are here not only for ourselves but also to serve humanity and this world. The best service is to be in a state of well-being and joyfulness and transmit it to people around us. Rejoice and bring joy! 

Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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