Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

Sehar Kamran: “This Pandemic is an Eye-Opener for the World”

Impact of COVID-19 on Humanity
Sehar Kamran: “This Pandemic is an Eye-Opener for the World”

Today, the world is grappling with COVID-19. The number of infected people increases every day. Sehar Kamran, a former Senator of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a prominent parliamentarian and politician, provided our news agency with her analytical article on the pandemic’s impact on the society’s life. She expressed her expert opinion on what individuals can do for themselves and their countries during this challenging period.

Sehar-Kamran_T.jpg Sehar Kamran
A prominent Parliamentarian, Senior Politician, former Senator of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Patron in Chief of the Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies (CPGS)

“The world as we knew has completely changed. Undoubtedly, the post-COVID-19 world will have a different reality, as compared to the one we were living in”, believes Sehar Kamran. “Society will face new challenges from increased distrust of the global institutions, especially the financial ones. The pandemic has brought a lot of uncertainty to the economic lives of all countries. Almost the entire world has switched to a shutdown mode, which has affected the economic field greatly. Many businesses faced serious challenges, collapsed, or had to stop their international business communication for some time.

Rise of authoritarianism, and a surging state surveillance impinging upon citizen’s privacy are some of the long-term impacts of this pandemic, which are going to re-shape the world” she said.

It is obvious that, after the pandemic, it will take lot of efforts and time to bring the world to functioning in the previous mode. New tools will probably be needed to address the problems that emerged during the pandemic. 

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, many countries recognized the necessity to make amendments to their laws. For example, China has introduced the ban on the consumption and farming of wild animals. According to Chinese experts, such a step will help to avoid or reduce the chance of any future pandemic. 

According to Sehar Kamran, the coronavirus has shaken the foundations of the global economic system and exposed the world’s lack of preparedness to address such large-scale problems. However, that is the reason not to panic but to analyze the current situation attentively. 

“It is hoped that in the post-COVID-19 world, states would come to useful conclusions and review their internal and external strategies”. 

“History is witnessing that humanity has overcome a number of deadly pandemics and epidemics over the centuries. Undoubtedly, the world will come out of this pandemic albeit shaken but not broken. It must not stop the cooperation between states because only by working together, we can achieve milestones and miracles”, emphasizes Ms. Kamran. 

– Today, there is more and more negative content in the media. Some news about the virus are fakes, some news cause people’s panic. What information, in your opinion, is it necessary to broadcast in the media today? 

– News is the only source of information for the general public to stay informed about what is happening in the world, especially in these distressing times. However, there should be a difference in reporting news and creating unnecessary sensationalism and panic among the people. 

In my opinion, it is necessary to broadcast celebratory news like the recovery of COVID-19 patients with as much focus and eagerness, as the information about new cases and deaths is given. 

The media’s main task is to broadcast objective and quality information. Journalists are responsible for their words, they have to set their priorities right, it depends upon them, what to promote: panic or hope? 

In Pakistan, we pay much attention to broadcasting information on how people can secure themselves during the pandemic. Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the Chairperson of my party, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), has advised all party members to participate in the public awareness campaign. Together with other politicians, I have also created many short video messages to express our words of support and educate people on taking necessary precautions to prevent being infected. 

We want people to understand: it is difficult for all people to survive these difficult times but we need to remain close to one another and feel that support. 

What do you think about the pandemic? What thoughts would you personally like to convey to humanity today? 

– This pandemic is an eye-opener for the world. The current situation has proven how underprepared the world was in its handling of this health crisis, despite multiple warning and predictions. However, that is not the worst scenario of what could have happened. That is why we need to brace our energies, rethink what is happening, and focus our efforts on correcting our mistakes. 

The pandemic has not only demonstrated the existing organizational problems of healthcare structures and economic mechanisms, but also has highlighted how we, as human beings, have ravaged nature. The latest climate reports suggest that environment is recovering now, in the period of general self-isolation. 

Maybe the pandemic is a wakeup call for the citizens of the world to bring a change in their lifestyles. 

The self-isolation has positive outcome and encouraging trends; as well. We received a number of opportunities like spending more time with our families, learning new life skills, and improving our professional qualifications. I would recommend people not to focus on the negative information and use any situation to one’s benefit. 


In your opinion, what can every individual do for the world today? 

– The consequences of our individual actions impact society and the world as a whole, as we have witnessed during the COVID-19 outbreak. It is significant that everyone recognizes their individual responsibility. One person’s negligent attitude can infect many people. 

Let’s start caring for each other and create a better and healthier, in every sense of the word, society. 

– How to preserve calmness in this difficult time? 

– It is natural that people are anxious and full of fear because of the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. But it is also important to not let the negative thoughts get the best of you and worsen the situation. And we have learnt that anxiety affects our immune system, so we need to learn to stay peaceful and strong and adopt a positive attitude. 

It is important to keep our bodies healthy and moving, because only a healthy body can cultivate a healthy mind. 

Moreover, creativity is a good way to put your thoughts in order. It has been proved that creative activities not only calm you down but also have some healing effect. 

Mashael Kamran, who is my daughter, Pakistani young engineer, and PhD Scholar at the Faculty of Technology, Design & Environment of the Oxford Brookes University, wrote a heartfelt poem. She called it ‘Angels’ and dedicated it to the doctors, nurses, paramedics and all frontline workers, who are putting their health and lives at risk to save the world. The poem has been further composed by Dr. Rafael Serrallet, a Spanish guitarist and international award winner. He sang it with his daughter Aitana. 

We must express our gratitude and thank our doctors, medical professionals and frontline heroes for serving humanity and standing as a hope at these difficult times. Despite the fact, they lack resources, they are risking their lives while treating and protecting lives of COVID19 pandemic patients. 

What is the role of women in keeping the world healthy today? 

As mothers, they are always responsible for the well-being and health of their children and families. From an early age, children should be educated about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, as our religion teaches us. In many countries, women instill useful habits in their children, thus helping to educate a healthy society. That is why I believe that women have a significant role in keeping the world healthy. 

I wish women from all over the world sound health and courage. 

Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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