Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

Tatyana Markova: Language Learning Broadens Horizons

How to understand people from another continent better
Tatyana Markova: Language Learning Broadens Horizons

Tatyana Markova has been professionally teaching English for over 15 years. She is a business interpreter, works with leading entrepreneurs and company executives in Russia and the USA. Developing her own Online Academy of English, Ms. Markova not only shares her knowledge but also motivates people to study other cultures. The expert told our news agency about the main features of English. She shared her view on how to make the educational process easier and more exciting.

Татьяна-Марковa_T.jpg Tatyana Markova
founder and owner of the Online Academy of English, business interpreter

Students of the Online Academy of English are adult people who are successful and well-educated. They understand that English is an international language. That is why it offers great opportunities for communication making it possible for businesses to enter the global market. 

Over the seven years of the operation of the Online Academy of English, Tatyana Markova and her team of like-minders have created many popular educational programs. They are aimed at people with different levels of language proficiency. At the same time, it was crucial for Ms. Markova to ensure that native American speakers take part in designing the programs.


Tatyana Markova is a demanded business interpreter. Brian Tracy, a legendary figure of the business world, is one of her main speaker partners. 

“Interpretation is not my main activity. However, as an educator, I believe that I have to show students what they can achieve thanks to knowing English and how it can be used in work and life using my own example”, explains Ms. Markova.


Foreigners want to cooperate with Russian entrepreneurs. They are ready to carry out joint businesses and develop partnership projects. Knowledge of English broadens one’s horizons. Tatyana Markova helps hundreds of her students discover a new world. 

Language Learning as a Lifestyle 

Tatyana Markova runs an original educational blog on Instagram and regularly delivers free webinars. She sees her social mission in inspiring other people’s interest in learning English and making the educational process easier. The expert believes that it is possible to grasp the basics of English without spending years on that. However, proper tools and a clear plan of action are required for that.


Ms. Markova focuses on creating short intensive courses making it possible for people to improve their level of English significantly in the shortest possible period. This is one of the author’s most effective projects. 

Any field of activity has a set of key skills that its specialists need. Oftentimes, even professionals have their week points that overshadow their strengths. Thus, any poorly developed skill limits a person’s potential. 

When studying English, people can know grammar and vocabulary perfectly but have poor pronunciation. That reduces their overall English level significantly because effective information exchange will be impossible. However, by putting effort into developing their weakest skills, people can make a significant progress.


It is necessary to maintain balance constantly by improving one’s grammar, pronunciation, and listening skills. 

“It is important for me to give my students the necessary tools so that after my course they can continue to study independently. My principled position is that learning English is a lifestyle. A foreign language must be integrated into everyday life. That is the only way to improve one’s language proficiency”, believes Tatyana Markova.


One of the Most Well-Structured and Concise Languages 

Any foreign language is a peculiar key that opens the door to understanding the mentality of its speakers who are the inhabitants of a certain country. 

“When we learn a foreign language, we immerse into the culture of that country. We begin to understand how citizens think and it becomes easier to understand their lives”. 

The Russian language is rich in figurative expressions and abstractions. Russians often start talking about abstracted things, sometimes their statements may seem ambiguous. However, that’s not the case for English. It is a very clear, well-structured, and concise language.


“I have an acquaintance from the USA who entered a Theatre Faculty in Saint Petersburg. Now he speaks Russian very well. According to him, the thing he likes most about our language is that a person can formulate his or her own idea even when he or she has already started to voice it. In English it is impossible to construct a sentence until the thought is formed in one’s mind”, says Tatyana Markova. 

The order of words is very important in English. English speakers have limited options of sentence construction. Thus, Russians can speak and think at the same time, while Americans first think and then speak.


Interpreters face that situation constantly in their work. For example, when interpreting English speakers, Tatyana Markova does that almost instantaneously. She understands the speaker’s basic idea from the first words. In Russian, it is often necessary to hear the sentence to the end. 

The most important thing in interpretation is to understand the idea clearly. Word for word translation does not always to convey the meaning. 

"That’s why I consider English to be a fairly simple language in some way. You don’t have to be afraid to learn it. The main thing is to understand it and adjust yourself to it”, says Tatyana Markova.


The Key to Master the Language: Understanding People 

Now Tatyana Markova lives and carries out projects in the USA. In her opinion, understanding the mentality and life principles of people from another country is the key to mastering the language. When talking about the peculiarities of American culture, Tatyana Markova emphasizes that those are very open and friendly people even at the initial stage of communication. They are willing to support the conversation even with a stranger or to help the passerby if he or she needs it. Americans smile a lot, thus creating the environment of positivity around them. 

All countries have their own peculiarities, which makes the world more interesting. Language learning brings people closer together. It gives them an opportunity to immerse into other cultures and borrow the best qualities of their representatives.

“We have all heard of the phenomenon of the language barrier. It appears precisely when we start thinking that another country’s people are significantly different from ourselves. The dialogue can’t be good enough when we know our interlocutors poorly. When we learn more about the mentality of another culture, it becomes easier for us to communicate with its representatives”, explains Tatyana Markova. 

To overcome the language barrier, we must first understand that most people on Earth have similar needs, aspirations, and desires. Every person wants to be happy, healthy, and needed. Most importantly, all people want to communicate with others, which unites us very much. 

Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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