Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

Tatyana Mitrova: Women and Energy

On the most important resource for humanity
Tatyana Mitrova: Women and Energy

Energy is a word having a special meaning in Tatyana Mitrova’s life. Her professional activities are closely related to the field of energy and studies. The expert achieved major success in this field. She reached leadership positions and became a professional of established authority. However, for her, energy is not only the most important resource providing people with comfortable lives but also an internal resource of every individual.

Татьяна-МитроваT.jpg Tatyana Mitrova
Director of the Energy Centre at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, Independent Director of Schlumberger global company

Tatyana Mitrova has made her career in the energy sector from the ground up. Over time, her work and sincere interest in that activity have been recognized and encouraged in the professional community. She started cooperating actively with international research centers including the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies and the Centre on Global Energy Policy in New York. She also became the Head of the Energy Centre at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. 

Today, Tatyana Mitrova is a bright example of a woman succeeding in a seemingly male field. In addition to professional activities, she promotes her social position actively developing the topic of women’s leadership in the energy sector and sharing her experience with young specialists. 

Using Energy Efficiently 

The energy can be very different. Intuitively, people always feel both female soft power and male hard power in themselves. According to Tatyana Mitrova, she has never met a person having only one of those powers. As a rule, these two beginnings are developed in people differently. In any situation, a person needs to activate either ‘female’ or ‘male’ energy. 

“When speaking about individual energy, it is important to remember that the ability to manage it properly is the main thing for all people”, believes Ms. Mitrova. 


When energy is spontaneous, it becomes a powerful flow that sweeps away everything in its path. It is difficult to control and destructive. However, energy becomes the most efficient at a moment when people can ‘switch on’ the necessary type of energy and focus it on creation. 

It is no less important to learn to charge with energy from the world around. According to Ms. Mitrova, it is necessary to do that in accordance with four levels: physical (food, water, air), emotional (impressions, communication with other people, art), intellectual (mental training, developing neuroplasticity by means of reading, addressing difficult tasks), and spiritual (looking for senses, identifying your legacy). People transform all the acquired energy in their mind by letting it pass through them. It is important that their energy is directed to the good. Otherwise the unfulfilled energy can become a source of aggression and irritation. 

“Energy is the most important resource people have. That's why it is particularly important to understand what gives us energy and what we spend it on, what results we get from our efforts”. 

A happy person is the one who knows how to love the world around unconditionally. Without that, even the greatest joy will be temporary. “If we want to be truly happy, a selfless giving is the only way I know how to make that dream come true. It fully meets our need to be needed,” says Tatyana Mitrova. 

Creation of Eco-Environment 

The world around us is a source of inspiration for people. Information environment we live in today has great impact on our consciousness and thinking. On the one hand, the digitalisation, technological development, and communications revolution gave the world a lot of new opportunities. On the other hand, the flow of information became so strong and limitless that people constantly stumble across content of different quality and filling. 

“When we come to the forest for a picnic and see garbage there, we clean it up to create a comfortable environment. We can do the same with the information space”, believes Ms. Mitrova. 

Scandalous news, gossiping, and negative content are like spoiled food or polluted air. It depends on people’s personal responsibility and ‘hygiene’ how they react to it. They can either be careful about what surrounds them and strive to make their environment clearer or just ignore everything. However, as emphasized by Tatyana Mitrova, it is impossible to develop without personal responsibility.


Women and Energy 

Tatyana Mitrova has been promoting the topic of women’s leadership in the energy sector for many years already. Together with her colleagues, the expert regularly hosts meetings, mentoring classes, lectures, webinars, and workshops. The community participants talk about women’s role in energy and discuss the obstacles and challenges that women face in this sector. 

The initiative received the name ‘Women in Energy’ and became rather popular and demanded in the professional environment. 

Creation of the book titled ‘The 8 and 1/2 Steps: How to Live, Love And Work At Full Capacity’ was a serious step for Tatyana Mitrova in promoting women’s leadership. The project’s idea belonged to Yaroslav Glazunov, director of Russian department of the largest HR company in tip management. He noticed women’s uncertainty and their fear to occupy leadership positions at top levels. Some of them were worried that they would not be able to spend enough time with their close people. Mr. Glazunov suggested Tatyana Mitrova as an expert in that field to write a book in co-authorship with him. The book’s goal was to demonstrate bright examples of women leaders harmoniously fulfilling themselves in several areas at the same time and to share the secrets of their success. 

Despite the fact that authors had focused on women’s audience, the book turned out to be interesting to both women and men. 

It is important for Tatyana Mitrova as a successful and happy woman to share her knowledge and experience, help many people live at full capacity without limiting themselves with a choice: home or work. People can fulfil themselves in any fields of life they are interested in. 

“I want to be surrounded by happy people because that will change our entire world”, she believes. 

Energy of the Future for Young Specialists 

Today, Summer Energy School at SKOLKOVO is one of the main and favourite professional projects for Tatyana Mitrova. Every July, the school brings together postgraduate students, students, and young specialists from energy companies from all over Russia. The world-level leading experts share their knowledge with them. They speak about modern trends in the professional environment and new energy.


Last year, the problem of gender balance in the energy sector was first raised within the Summer Energy School. Tatyana Mitrova believes that it is important to talk about that at the early stages of training to bring up the correct perception of the world and non-stereotypical thinking in the trainees. 

New energy is closely related to sustainable development of the planet. However, to reduce impact on climate and the environment, all energy sectors will have to completely rethink their agenda and change their business models. This is a serious test, for which, in fact, even industry leaders and experienced specialists were not prepared. 

The transition to new energy is an opportunity for professional growth because both young and experienced specialists start their career from approximately equal positions within this field. The transformation of the energy market requires a fresh look and creativity of today's youth. 

“I see how the eyes of Summer Energy School participants light up when we tell them about new trends in the energy sector. They change their perception of the profession and the world in general. They are really passionate about that field of activity. I am extremely happy that I can contribute to that”, says Tatyana Mitrova. According to her, sincere love towards one’s profession is the key to success. 

“Spare no energy and time in what you are really interested in”. 

When people go in for their favourite activity, they do not think about profit or success, do not wait for a command or a call for help. People just do that selflessly. And then comes the time for real magic. According to Tatyana Mitrova, the right people and resources are attracted to you by themselves. She herself has repeatedly experienced that when starting to fulfil socially significant projects from scratch. When people share their energy, they don’t lose but multiply it. 

Viktoria Yezhova,
Global Women Media news agency
Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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