Building connection one heart at a time
Building connection one heart at a time

The World Is a Mirror Reflecting Our Values

Gohar Davtyan on the pandemic, ‘right’ business, and internal guidelines
The World Is a Mirror Reflecting Our Values

Women leaders from different countries keep sharing their expert opinions on the situation in the world. This time, journalists of the Global Women Media interviewed Gohar Davtyan, an entrepreneur, business coach, and MBA professor at universities in Moscow. She is not only an experienced professional but also a thoughtful person with a developed spiritual culture. Ms. Davtyan told us about what values it is important to bring up in people to take the world out of the crisis. She shared her point of view on what the ‘right’ business should be like and why one should stop being afraid of problems.

Гоар_0T.jpg Gohar Davtyan
entrepreneur, certified business coach, member of the International Coach Federation, business coach, lecturer within the MBA programmes at I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, National Research University Higher School of Economics, and Moscow City University of Management of the Government of Moscow, ophthalmologist

Gohar Davtyan is a person whose thinking is very deep and creative. She has a very keen sense for people and situations in the world. Ms. Davtyan knows what words and advice her interlocutor needs. That’s why it was so interesting to talk with her about the most pressing and difficult issues faced by people worldwide today. 

– Many people say that the world will never be the same after the pandemic. What will change in our society after such global events? 

– The good news is that all the changes are in our own hands. The world can be what we want it to be. Pandemics and crises have become a kind of trigger for people to question themselves if they are satisfied with the reality in which they live. And if something does not suit them, it makes sense to change the action plan. Today, when our world is changing before our eyes, a different approach is particularly needed.


What our future will be like depends on humanity and, perhaps, on each of us. I believe that our biggest problem is the habit of looking for disadvantages in everything around: people, systems, and situations. However, we are often not ready to admit our participation in all that. No matter how many drawbacks we find in others, it will not help us improve our lives. Then why should we waste our time and energy on that? 

It’s time to draw important conclusions and start with ourselves. That’s the only thing we can influence. 

I believe, sometimes it is important to stop and ask yourself: “What did I do to change the situation? What can I do to make the world around me better?” 

– Do the problems faced by the world today oblige people to reconsider their inner guidelines and to learn to interact with others in a new way? 

– When we come into this world, we are interested in everything around us. We observe with interest what is happening, discuss that with others, strive to adapt to new trends. At the same time, we forget that there is something more important, intimate and valuable within ourselves. After recalling that, we realize that many questions can and should be answered there, within ourselves.


Sometimes I get the feeling that we are sitting on a treasure chest and don’t open it. We voluntarily renounce what already belongs to us by birth and spend our life energy to change everyone but ourselves. However, is it possible to change a person without his or her consent? Of course, it isn’t! But we keep wasting our energy on that. 

According to research in psychology, an average person knows only 3-5% of himself or herself. 

We come into this world and go to another existence without getting to know the most important person of our life, his or her character, dreams, joys, pain, or sadness... 

The self-isolation period gave the opportunity to get out of routine, to spend a little more time in solitude. Thanks to that, people could think about what is important and in what direction it is better to move in their lives. 

I think that if we want to change the world for the better, each of us should start with himself or herself. My credo is the words of great Socrates, “Let him who would move the world, first move himself”. I know that from my own experience.


– What project was the most important one for you during the pandemic? 

– The pandemic helped many people look at themselves from the outside. I coached a lot during that period because I felt that I could be especially useful in such a difficult time. I noticed that people divided into two types. Some people always complained. For example, before the pandemic, busy people (entrepreneurs, top managers) were talking about not having enough time for their family. During the self-isolation period, when that time finally appeared, they complained that they had to stay home all the time. Others, more conscious people, found new opportunities (online learning, reading books, communicating with family members). 

If a person has a habit of making himself or herself a victim, he or she will always find a reason to complain. However, that won’t improve your life. If a person looks at the world through a different paradigm, understanding that he or she is the master of his destiny, he or she takes on the responsibility and manages his or her life. Yes, it is difficult to take responsibility because suddenly you understand that there are no more excuses. However, that gives freedom and opportunities for development. Your life becomes more interesting. 

As for me, I was glad to have an opportunity to spend time with my family. For the first time in ages, all my relatives gathered in one place and I enjoyed communication. In addition, I finally found time for what I had planned for several years. 

I started to write a book a long time ago. However, because of lack of time, the project was never completed. During the self-isolation period, I had the opportunity to continue what I had started. I registered for online courses from a major publishing house and completed the book in a few months. The book is to be published at the end of September. Its working title is Creating My Reality. I really hope that the book will help everyone to create the reality in which they want to live and which they will want to leave to their descendants.


– As an entrepreneur and business coach, do you think that the crisis is an obstacle or an impetus for growth? 

– Any crisis is not only a limitation but also an opportunity. Everybody talks about it but it is often difficult to see the opportunities for development in the chaos. However, they always exist. 

If we turn to history, we will see that many positive transformations took place just after crises. If we talk about people, spiritual and personal growth also happens thanks to leaving the comfort zone, overcoming difficulties, and rethinking yourself and the world around. 

To survive a crisis, a business needs to change its strategy and introduce innovative solutions. That becomes an impetus for growth. The crisis is a good teacher. The main thing for us is to understand over time what the lesson was about.


– What would you advise people to go through a crisis without excessive stress? How to preserve energy and the right mood in these difficult times? 

– We will never live in perfect calmness. A crisis is an integral part of our life, it is a normal phenomenon. Without such states, there can be no movement. 

I would advise every person to pay attention to his or her inner guidelines, to remember his or her values and, perhaps, to rethink them. As a rule, we do not have time for that in our daily routine. However, when a crisis occurs, reconsidering your goals is a necessity. 

At such moments, it is important not to panic and not to waste energy on struggling. Just stop and think what direction to go further, taking into account the new realities. 

During the pandemic and self-isolation period, I started each coaching session with a question. I asked what people will do first after all the restrictions are lifted. Almost everyone unanimously responded that they will hug their loved ones. This is a vivid example of how familiar things have become more valuable to us. I noticed that, during the pandemic, love, compassion, and acceptance came to the fore for many people. There was a massive reassessment of values.


– In one of your reports, you mentioned the phrase of Gabrielle Chanel. The idea is that beauty must begin with the heart and soul. In what particular qualities, actions, principles, or values can the inner beauty of a person be manifested? 

– I believe that there is something beautiful in every person. Unfortunately, in pursuit of status, power, money, or external beauty, people begin to forget that there is something much more important within them. In my opinion, the beauty lies in the integrity of the person, in the acceptance of himself or herself. 

True beauty is not about outfits, cosmetics and rejuvenating procedures. It is about kindness in people’s eyes, their sincere smile, love and respect for other people, and their charisma. Such things can give a person eternal youth and beauty. 

Beauty is within each of us. Another question is whether we want to notice this beauty in ourselves and others. 

– You said that people can change the world starting with themselves. What should business be like to change the world? 

– Any business is always based on a certain mission. Although profit is an important part of business, I can confidently say that this is not the only element. There is service in any work, even if we do not notice it ourselves. 

People seeing an element of service in their profession will be not only successful but also happy. Every day they come closer to their goal thanks to their work. 

I get decent money for coaching sessions. But no material reward can be compared with the emotions that I experience in the process of work. I especially love moments when I see how my interlocutor’s face changes due to deep inner transformations. Sometimes it seems to me that if they felt what happiness I feel when I notice their changes, I would have to pay for those sessions instead of the other way around. 

It is very important that a person gets an emotional charge from his or her work. Unfortunately, we still live in a world where most of us dream of being someone else. Why? Because there is an opinion in society that you cannot make a lot of money doing your favourite thing. I want to say that everything is quite the opposite. When a person puts his love, energy, knowledge, and professionalism, in his or her work, he or she is doomed to success. Who are you willing to pay more? The one who just wants to get the money quickly or the one who sincerely wants to help you? 

If you work only to earn money, the work can be difficult. But a job that can fill your life with meaning is never a burden. 

Professional activity is a huge part of human life. People spend most of their time at work. Identifying the meaning of work with your personal mission encourages you, charges you with energy, and helps you achieve success.  There is a wisdom saying: “If you know why, you will find how”. 

– What can each person do today to preserve peace and develop the world? 

– I am deeply convinced that everything in the world starts with love. That is why it is important for every person to learn to accept and love themselves. If we love ourselves, we will also love others. 

Love for others starts with love for ourselves. You can accept and understand others as much as you know how to love, understand, and accept your real self. 

We most likely also have everything that we don’t like about other people. When we begin to understand and notice this, it becomes easier for us to reach our own inner balance. 

If you learn to respond to your pain, joy, or your desires, you will be able to respond to the feelings of another person. True love can give an endless source of joy to those who sincerely share it with others. 

Only our desire can open the source of boundless light and love within ourselves. Only we can understand that no one can give us happiness if we are not ready for it. 

As soon as we admit that we are not perfect, we will stop blaming others. Our relationship with people and the world in general is changing. If everyone sets a goal to be happy, everyone will be happy. The world is a huge mirror that reflects a person’s inner values. 

What kind of reality do we want to create for future generations? Today, it is in our hands. I am sure that our creative power lies in love and unity, not in competition and disconnection. 

Probably, today is the moment for important conclusions and proper choice of the direction of our movement. Each of us must understand this and take responsibility for what is happening in the world. 

Viktoria Yezhova, Global Women Media news agency

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov

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