Nomvula Makgotlho to Participate in EAWF

Nomvula Makgotlho to Participate in EAWF

Head of the Department of Small Business Development of South Africa for gender equality 

Nomvula Makgotlho is the Chief Director of the Department of Small Business Development of South Africa. In her work, she pays special attention to the issues of gender equality. In September, Nomvula Makgotlho will come to St. Petersburg to take part in the 2nd Eurasian Women's Forum.  

Ms Makgotlho started her career as a sociologist. She was a member of a team, which was researching the socio-economic consequences of drought on behalf of the Government. Ms. Makgotlho visited communities in KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo and Mpumalanga, paying special attention to the rural areas most vulnerable to natural disasters. On these trips she often talked with women who were doing the housekeeping, while their husbands worked in the cities. 

Later on, Nomvula Makgotlho became the Chief Director of Gender and Women Empowerment in the Department of Trade and Industry. At this stage of her career, she actively promoted the development of small and medium enterprises run by women. 

For the third year, Nomvula Makgotlho is Head of the Small Business Development Department. As the Chief Director, she continues to support gender equality and makes great efforts to help women become more influential in the economy. 

Kristina Danilina,

Eurasian Women’s Community News Agency