Erna Solberg is a Norwegian politician and the leader of the Conservative Party of Norway. She has been Norway's Prime Minister since 2013. However, according to her, she never had a concrete plan to become a politician. 

Early Career 

In 1989, Erna joined the Parliament as its permanent member. In 2004, she headed the Conservative Party of Norway. At that time, Erna was known as a rigid politician. She didn’t pay much attention to the welfare of ordinary Norwegians, their education and healthcare. She supported toughening of immigration policies. That is why she was nicknamed ‘Iron Erna’. 

During the elections in 2005, her party had the worst result in the election history. According to Erna, the Conservative Party spent next 8 years developing new solutions and better ideas. In 2013, it managed to improve the situation. The party had 28.4% votes and won the second-largest number of seats in the Parliament. 

Erna considers finding proper political solutions to be the most challenging thing in her work. However, it is pleasure for her to watch how they change society for the better. 


Education Policy 

In 2011, Erna Solberg wrote a book entitled ‘People, not Billions’. This phrase became the Conservative Party’s slogan. It emphasizes that the people and their needs are as important as fiscal issues. 

The Prime Minister thinks that gender equality is a question of human rights. She set herself a goal to achieve gender equality by 2030. In her opinion, education is the best investment available. Quality education for girls is doubly important, as it will affect not only their own opportunities but also the future of their children. 

In July 2017, she attended the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg and promised there that Norway would donate 85 million US dollars to supporting health and education of girls and women in terms of She Decides program. According to Erna Solberg, knowledge is the key to the well-being of people and the whole planet. 


Immigration Policy 

Now Erna Solberg supports the idea that diversity brings use to society. She provides the state with the task to protect all those who need asylum for different reasons and to successfully integrate them in Norway’s society. Nowadays Norway is considered to have the least gender pay gap and good quality of life. 

In 2015, the Prime Minister called on 'a joint European response' to the migration crisis. Her idea was to support fair distribution of refugees, make it easier for people to seek asylum, and to increase financial aid. 

Norway, Germany, Sweden, and Austria were named among the European countries doing most to help refugees. 

Healthcare Policy 

In July 2017, Erna Solberg visited Hamburg and joined the G20 summit. In her speech on this event, she referred to issues related to healthcare. The Prime Minister stressed the fundamental importance of the human health. According to her, the G20 should address global health problems and crises. 

She encouraged more countries to join the Coalition for Emergency Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) working to prevent emerging pandemic threats. Norway and India are the founders of the Coalition. During the summit. The Prime minister announced Norway’s commitment to the first phase of CEPI by 70 million dollars, in addition to the 120 donated for the first 5 years of the Coalition’s operation. 

She also stressed the importance of antimicrobials. In her opinion, the issue of antimicrobial resistance should be included in the agenda. 

Personal Life 

Since 1996, Erna Solberg is married to Sindre Finnes. The couple has two children: Ingrid and Erik. Erna’s husband used to take a top position at Norway’s employers’ organization NHO and now works as a businessman. He also cares for his family. Every day Sindre Finnes cooks dinner. In his country, he is known as Norway’s ‘first man’. 

In her spare time Erna Solberg enjoys playing Pokemon Go. Even during her official trip to Slovakia took some time out to play the game. She told the reporters she was keen to hatch some of her 10 km eggs. 

Agata Korovina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov



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