“Nothing Will Put Me Off Helping People”

“Nothing Will Put Me Off Helping People”

Vanda Gagiano about charitable activities of the Free State Women’s Agricultural Union (FSWAU) 

The central life goal of Vanda Gagiano is changing the world for the better. As the head of the Free State Women’s Agricultural Union in South Africa, she started helping not only farmers but also all people in need of support. Mrs. Gagiano’s work became an inspiring example for members of her organisation and residents of her region. She was nominated for the President of the South African Women’s Agricultural Union for her active work and dedication to noble purposes. Vanda Gagiano shares about why it is important for her to help people. 

Mrs. Vanda Gagiano believes that her election as the President of the Free State Women’s Agricultural Union was the highlight of her 12-year career in the organisation. The Union was actively involved in various social and humanitarian projects under her leadership despite the fact that FSWAU was not a charity organisation. 

“Our members’ hearts and hands are always open to reach out to make a difference in the lives of the needy, the aged, and the less fortunate”, she says. 

FSWAU members donate sweets, soft toys, school supplies, and clothing to children in children’s homes and hospitals. They also teach orphan girls the skills of baking and sewing, contribute financially to research on Alzheimer's, and buy fidget blankets for people suffering from this disease. A number of projects by the organisation were focused on victims of abuse. The Union also supports farmers by paying for their children’s educational fees. The organisation pays special attention to comprehensive assistance to women.

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“I believe that when we uplift a women we uplift a family, as well as a community as a whole. This has a snowball effect with the main aim being then to uplift a nation and to change the world”, explains Vanda Gagiano. 

The speaker highlighted that all the projects with her involvement were functioning on a voluntary basis. Mrs. Gagiano has always wanted to help people around. Thanks to her enthusiasm and dedication to moral principles in addition to comprehensive support of sponsors and corporate environment she has achieved significant results. Vanda Gagiano believes that people are ready to help one another in projects implementation if they see sincerity and noble intentions. 

Money are not that important for Mrs. Gagiano. “The joy and appreciation when a project is completed successfully can never be realised in monetary value. Unconditional love towards people inspires me to reach out and to do more”, comments the Honorary President of the Free State Women’s Agricultural Union. 

According to the speaker, her family and friends have been supporting her throughout her life. “My husband Jan, being my biggest supporter, has literally moved mountains for me to achieve my goals and dreams, and I just love him even more for that”, says Mrs. Gagiano. 

Today it is important for her not only to help the needy but also to be a leader, a role model for other people, and to inspire their good deeds. Vanda Gagiano respects herself for the ability to always stay focused on achieving her goals. 

“Nothing will put me off achieving my goals. Through my determination, passion, commitment, and enthusiasm I will overcome any obstacle. I am a strong woman. It is the God who made me who I am: soft in approach but firm in my purpose”. 

Mrs. Gagiano advises women to always stay dedicated to the causes they are serving and never to give up because their work will be rewarded. The speaker believes, women from all over the world should unite, jointly dream of a better future, and put their dreams into action. She recalled the words of Mother Teresa: “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov