On the 1 February, Novosibirsk Regional Office of the Federation of University Women held its Annual Meeting. Nadezhda Boltenko, Chairperson of Women’s Union of the Novosibirsk Region and a member of the Federation Council participated in it. 

The senator noted that 2017 was a rather productive year. The Federation Council solved various relevant economic and social issues. For instance, the budget supporting regions of Russia, real economy, and agriculture was adopted. The Council also discussed many issues of development of the national space alongside with every Russian region. Nadezhda Boltenko supposes, that “Nevertheless, those events organised and held in Novosibirsk region, helped us identify relevant problems of our citizens alongside with solving pressing issues”.

Thus, as part of the Year of Ecology, the region launched an environmental socio-educational project called Ecolyata. Senator commented: “Novosibirsk region has a long tradition of youth environmental initiatives. They are all actually helping environment. I am sure, our region will continue working in that direction for years”. 


The region is paying close attention to children’s upbringing, their security and harmonious development. Novosibirsk held regional parents’ evenings, meetings with representatives from Ministries of Social Development, Labour, Healthcare; from Novosibirsk Region Government; with experts and representatives of NGOs. The questions of medical and social support of insulin-dependent children, prophylaxis of drug addiction in educational institutions and organisations of Novosibirsk region were also urgently raised. 

Nadezhda Boltenko noticed, that joint retreats make an effective way of solving various problems. Thus, members of Women’s Union of the Novosibirsk Region visited different parts of their constituent entity to communicate with local citizens, study problems from the inside and find a collective way of solving them. According to Nadezhda, one of the most significant events of the year happened in Suzunsky District of Novosibirsk Region. The first step of actualising a large-scale ‘Health as Creativity’ project began there. 15 platforms simultaneously held events on healthcare, culture, recreation, education, and sports. ‘Health as Creativity’ is a project, which both educates and helps in uniting Novosibirsk region citizens for intensive work for the good of the constituent entity. 


Family matters became those of vibrant discussion. After the Father’s Forum, which was held by Novosibirsk in November 2017, an appeal to the State Duma for repeated consideration of draft on establishing an all-Russian Father’s Day was sent. Nadezhda Boltenko also told, that one-of-a-kind project for Russian mothers called ‘Eurasian Heritage 2017’ was launched in August. Those who value active and healthy lifestyle presented their personal, creative, social and family achievements. 

The senator highlighted yet another essential line of action, which is youth policy. In 2017, the Federation Council held a meeting with heads of Novosibirsk youth associations. The participants discussed specific suggestions for the Federal Act on the Youth and Youth Policy. The proposals were sent to the Working Group within the Committee of the Federation Council on Social Politics alongside with including them in the draft Federal Act. 

Moreover, throughout the year Novosibirsk region held various youth events. Among them are the Third Regional Youth Festival called ‘Act Like the Young Do’, PROregion Forum, the regional stage of The World Festival of Youth and Students, the program called ‘The Time Chose Us’ dedicated to Komsomol Day, etc. The ‘100 Days of Healthy Living’ project, dedicated to promotion of healthy lifestyle and prophylaxis of youth drug addiction was actualised in collaboration with the youth wing of Women’s Union of the Novosibirsk Region. 


Nadezhda Boltenko said: “No matter what principles we follow to educate our youth, we always need to keep in touch with those people and events that gave us an opportunity to develop our region and Russia in general. I mean our veterans, senior citizens, our national memory and patriotism. Many of our 2017 events were dedicated to such a topic”. Novosibirsk region also actualised projects connected to financial support of senior citizens, developing healthcare system, creating recreational opportunities for senior citizens, and developing modern types of social service. 

Undoubtedly, advancement of science is one of the essential subjects for the region. The senator highlighted that more and more young specialists tend to choose that sphere. Different support measures, which improve scientists’ working conditions, the youth stopped striving to work abroad and started to fulfil their potential in Novosibirsk. 

Nadezhda Boltenko continues: “We initiated and organised Academina prize, which is dedicated to women’s empowerment in science and in vocational training. Today, women can seriously advance science, setting a tone for the new sensational discoveries. Novosibirsk region is becoming the centre for national technological initiative. We should correspond to such a high level to form our region’s happy future together”. 

One of the most large-scale international projects of Novosibirsk region was the First International Congress of Women from BRICS and SCO Countries, initiated by the region itself. 

Importantly enough, senator’s report included only a part of the year’s work. She said, that “We suppose, that the priorities set in 2017 will remain in 2018. As in the past, the main principles of our work are transparency, dialogue, and close connection to NGOs”. Summing up the results of the work together with the management of Novosibirsk Regional Office of the Federation of University Women, Nadezhda thanked the participants for the assistance in educating youth and forming thoughtful, focused society that is able to develop the region and Russia in general. Nadezhda Boltenko concluded her report: “We still have much to do. I am sure that all our collaborative efforts will be demanded by society alongside with all the work we have done already. We chose our priorities correctly. You all know the formula of success. Let all your plans for 2018 be embodied in the best of ways. I wish you the year full of colourful and kind events alongside with actualisation of all the plans”. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov