Open People Are the Greatest Wealth of Siberia

Open People Are the Greatest Wealth of Siberia

Olga Turbaba on patriotism and main traits of Siberian character 

Siberian soul is a notion with a profound sense. Novokuznetsk held the women’s forum. Female representatives from different countries and regions of Russia participated in it. Many guests came from cities and regions of Kuzbass. Those are fascinatingly endearing Siberian women. Olga Turbaba, Deputy Governor of the Kemerovo Oblast, shared about the mystery of Siberian soul. 

Olga Turbaba - Deputy Governor of the Kemerovo Oblast for Internal Politics and head of the Apparatus of Administration of the Kemerovo Oblast 

Ms. Turbaba is a Patriot with a capital P. She truly loves her Motherland. Her life is working for the good of Russia, Kemerovo, and her place of living. That is how she was educated. Olga Turbaba has always been an activist and a public figure. Even now, when she has great amounts of work, Ms. Turbaba manages to participate in the activities of society and her township. 

Deputy Governor confessed that her job is her greatest pleasure and literally the cure for everything. 


Olga Turbaba enjoys contributing to regional development and making people’s lives better. Smiles of people living near her are her main motivation. Whenever Ms. Turbaba sees the results of her activity, she is ready to work even more. Sometimes it seems that Olga Turbaba possesses infinite source of energy. 

‘If you walk, do it fast, if you act, do it yesterday,’ shared our heroine about her motto. 


According to Ms. Turbaba, the Kemerovo Oblast is one of the most close-knit regions. This applies to political sphere as well, as here representatives of different parties act together. “Our world views differ, but we understand we engage in collective action. Our common cause is achieving the region’s prosperity,” explained Olga Turbaba. She always strives to involve as many people in the work as possible. Besides, it is essential that they have a sincere desire to participate in a specific project, as the result always depends on one’s attitude. 

People should understand: it primarily depends on themselves what their region will be. 

Being a leader, Ms. Turbaba pays particular attention to teambuilding and creating and retaining traditions to bring people together. She shared that on Defender of the Motherland Day all female staff come to work dressed in red to congratulate men. 

Such simple things lift people’s spirits for the whole day and provide good memories for the whole life.

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According to Olga Turbaba, women are actively participating in such activities and contributing to creating special atmosphere. Besides, regional administration comprises around 2500 people, 70% of which are women. Each of the women always participates in any positive initiative joyfully. 

Our heroine thinks that men are really good at managing. However, for most of them, tedious work is hard. Women perform such activity better. Thus, achieving success in any sphere is only possible through joining efforts of both sexes. 

Being a successful and experienced professional and a person who is perfectly aware of women’s strong points and the ways for them to make our world a better place, Ms. Turbaba is always striving to surround herself with young colleagues and channel their energy in a proper way. 

Olga Turbaba truly loves Siberia. According to her, people are its greatest wealth. 

Siberian character is really a distinctive feature of the region’s citizens. They are truly open, friendly, and honest. Siberians often evaluate common values higher than money. They are never ashamed of themselves, their weaknesses or failures. They are the people who are living the full life and enjoying it. 

Our heroine’s work is based on communication and interaction with people, and that brings her the greatest pleasure. 

In conclusion, Olga Turbaba wished all women to find themselves, learn to feel connected to their homeland, understand the contribution they can make to the development of their region, and feel themselves loved and useful to people around them. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov