Osteopath Natalia Veryasova About a New Branch of Medicine

Osteopath Natalia Veryasova About a New Branch of Medicine

About the importance to speak about health in simple language

Today, many specialists strive to fully use the opportunities of the digital era and actively enter the internet space. Natalia Veryasova is an osteopath with huge experience and inexhaustible desire to help people. She has been a medical practitioner for 18 years already. Recently, Ms. Veryasova decided to expand her activity and created a blog, in which she talks about the health of the entire family in simple language.

Natalia Veryasova  - osteopath, co-founder of OsteoPolyClinic in Moscow

Osteopaths are highly qualified professionals able to diagnose disorders of different organs and tissues and restore normal functions of organism with their hands. Such doctors not only undergo standard training in a medical higher education institution but also receive additional special education for 4 years.


An osteopath must have certificate and serve patients in a medical institution that has an osteopathic license.

Osteopathy is an increasingly popular medical branch. However, it is important to keep in memory that an osteopath is a doctor of high-qualification. One can’t master this profession in a short time. Natalia Veryasova recommends to choose such a doctor with great seriousness and responsibility. “Many people aren’t osteopaths but call themselves so. This leads to the discrediting of the profession”, she warns.

Osteopathy has officially been a medical specialization since 2013. This is a young branch of medicine, which is becoming increasingly popular.


As a professional in her field, Natalia Veryasova finds it important to show people the efficiency and comfortable character of osteopathic treatment, to inspire patients’ trust to the new medical branch. To do that, she strives to inform people around about the principles of functioning of human organism, its diseases, and the ways of treatment in detail and in simple language. 1.5 years ago, she created her blog in order to share useful information with as many people as possible.

“My blog is an educational project, a peculiar literacy project. I tell my readers what osteopathy is and how it can benefit them”, explains Ms. Veryasova.

Natalia Veryasova is a co-founder of an osteopathic clinic. Her blog significantly helped them in work with patients. Thanks to it, the clinic had an increasing number of patients understanding what osteopathy is and how such methods of treatment affect organism.


Not only people from many regions of Russia but also those from different countries read Ms. Veryasova’s blog. This evidences that this topic is relevant and the information is really interesting and useful to the readers.

Natalia Veryasova emphasized that it was not that easy to start a blog and combine that with her work. According to her, a specialist who decided to enter the internet space must be ready to spend time on social networks every day. It is important for a blogger to be honest with his or her subscribers and to properly check the information, which he or she publishes. In addition, as mentioned by Ms. Veryasova, people tend to believe those specialists who are ready not only to share their knowledge but also to tell about themselves.

It is difficult to keep a blog but that is justified labour because such experts gain new opportunities to interact with the audience. Many subscribers are ready to give them feedback, which can be very useful to the specialist.

Natalia loves her work. “I like to feel that patients actually do better thanks to my hands. I always sincerely feel happy when I help people. At such moments, I feel that I can be useful to them. And it is pleasant for me to receive their positive feedback”, she shares. 

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Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov