Page of History

Page of History

One of the most important events of the previous year was an anniversary – 20 years since Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. This document largely broadened women’s rights and opportunities. So, 1995 came down in history as a key stage for solving gender problem.

Only in 50’s of the previous century some people took the problem of women’s discrimination seriously. And some actions to solve this problem were taken even later. But since that time a good job has been done.

The first Worldwide conference on women’s rights was held in Mexico City in 1975. It was the very time when participants of the General Assembly of the UN stated three main directions in which activity for solving women’s problems should develop. The delegates understood that gender equality and liquidation of discrimination were very important. According to the International Plan of Actions women gained access to various spheres of life: education, politics, health service and so on, equal with men. In 1979 a Bill of Women’s Rights was carried.


The second Worldwide Conference was held in Copenhagen in 1980. The main problem discussed was discrepancy between guaranteed rights and women’s ability to use them.

The third conference was in 1985. And it was clear that women’s activities in various spheres of life became very important.

On the fourth Conference in Beijing there evolved an idea that we should take a fresh look at the society’s structure and relations between men and women in it.

So, step by step, the participants of the conference came to a unanimous decision to carry the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.

We must say that Declaration is not a regulation but a document shaping foundations to be adopted by countries which ratify this document. In this declaration important problems are discussed, such as: health service, education, participation of women in wars etc.

And now, 20 years after, nearly half of these problems are solved.

Today a lot of organizations and certain women take an important role keeping peace, helping orphans and disabled people. And we must remember that women bring up future generations. So, society should create good conditions for their activities.

On 28th of September 2016 our portal started working. It helps to unite Russian women’s organizations and connects them with foreign ones. We hope that it will soon become international and a new image of Russian Woman will break the old stereotypes.

Viktoria Ezhova,

News agency of the Eurasian Women’s Forum

Translated by Yan Zarubin