“Path to Success Can Only Be Infinite”

“Path to Success Can Only Be Infinite”

About the youngest winner of the ‘Leaders of Russia’ contest

Chairperson of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko had a meeting with women participants and winners of the ‘Leaders of Russia’ contest. Yekaterina Weber was one of them. She is the youngest winner of the ‘Leaders of Russia’ contest. Ms. Weber was 25 years old when participating in it in 2017-2018.

Yekaterina Weber - Director for Master in Public Strategy (MPS) programme of the Institute of Social Strategy at SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management

Yekaterina Weber has vast work experience despite her young age. She is not afraid of changes. Ms. Weber sets herself clear objectives and always moves towards fulfilling them. She worked in the DeltaClick digital agency of the largest regional advertising group in Yekaterinburg named Deltaplan and as a development director of Yekaterinburg Pulpstone Plant where she increased export tenfold. Then she moved to Sevastopol and worked as a head of Office of Monitoring of the Investment Projects at the Department for Economic Development of the city. Over one year of work, she achieved major success. Many attention was paid to simplifying the procedures of attracting potential sponsors, developing priority city-level projects, building a museum complex, theatre of opera and ballet, concert hall, higher school of theatrical and musical art, Museum of Sevastopol Defense in 1941-1942, dance school, and dormitory for lecturers and students. Thanks to that, the city is now becoming more attractive for its tourists and more comfortable for its residents.


Projects of Russia’s Leaders Club ‘Elbrus’ of the ‘Russia - the Country of Opportunities’ organisation focused on networking, good deeds, and charity play an important role in Ms. Weber’s life.

After meeting with Chairperson of the Federation Council, Yekaterina Weber has set one more development branch for herself, which is closely related to women’s leadership and promoting it in Russia and worldwide.

Today, Master in Public Strategy programme of SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management is the most important project for Yekaterina Weber. “My work deals with a high degree of uncertainty. I select candidates for training to deal with initiating changes in different fields of life of the state. Most people will classify uncertainty as a negative thing. For me, it is a positive one, which is an interesting task having no limits in terms of its implementation tools”, says Yekaterina Weber.

“The path to success is infinite. If a person stops after understanding that he or she achieved success, that was certainly not success”, believes Ms. Weber.

She has been energetic and purposeful since her childhood. As emphasized by Yekaterina Weber, she owes all her victories to her mother. She always supported and praised her daughter and gave advice on the best way to behave in a certain situation. Everything started with computer classes focused on speed-reading. At that moment, Yekaterina Weber was only 4 years old and she became the best student in her group.


“Small wins lead to big victories. It was impossible to stop”, comments Ms. Weber. Then she actively participated in school academic competitions, festivals, and contests and won.

“At that time I already dealt with adult challenges: I was short of time and had to manage it properly. All my family helped me. Thanks to them, I managed to become a person of many talents. I exercised ring toss with my dad, attended yoga classes with my mom, read poems with my granny, and played and competed with my brother”, she recalls.

“When I was a school student, I faced different reaction to my achievements. The most difficult was to keep in a balance. I still sometimes meet people who are skeptical about women’s leadership. The main thing is that you yourself feel that you are moving in the right direction”, believes Yekaterina Weber.

According to the speaker, she is very lucky with people she met throughout her life. She tries to be open to the world and it responds in kind. She always offers her help to the needy. At the same time, Ms. Weber follows the example of the ‘Man of The Planet’ Sergei Burlakov, according to whom it is important to help not weak and lazy people encouraging their weakness but strong ones and make the world better jointly with them.


Creation is the fundamental goal of Yekaterina Weber. Every success inspires her to new deeds of a larger scale. People who personally know her say that Ms. Weber is a person full of powerful creative energy.

“I’m often worried about the fact that some people do their best when I sleep. At such moments, I want to take action immediately”, says the speaker.

Yekaterina Weber’s environment motivates her to move forward. According to her, participation in the ‘Leaders of Russia’ contest gave her the opportunity to meet many active and talented like-minders who inspire her much.

Her life is guided by the principles of peace and harmony. Ms. Weber dreams of succeeding in career and becoming a mother of three children.

She puts every effort to make Russia a better country where people live happily.

Yekaterina Weber wishes all women to believe in themselves and more often listen to their inner voice. Ms. Weber knows it for sure that concerned people can cope with anything.

“If keeping the family hearth is your path, follow it. If you feel acutely the necessity to do something, do it! Don’t be afraid of competition, social pressure, and lack of resources. Be afraid of your inaction. Happiness lies in the ability to hear yourself”, she believes.

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov