“Peace is not only the absence of war”

“Peace is not only the absence of war”

Joynicole Martinez about soft and smart power 

The Summer Peace Summit in Brussels resulted in the formation of Peace 50 community. It brought together women leaders from 14 countries. All participants are characterized by their limitless desire to improve the lives of people around and make their contribution for the sake of a better future. Joynicole Martinez won the Summit participants over with her amiability, energy, and love towards the whole world. She does the impossible every day by carrying out a number of projects, providing training in major organisations, helping people around and raising five children. 

Joynicole Martinez - Chief Executive Officer of The Alchemist Agency, epidemiologist, entrepreneur and business advisor, community expert in the field of healthcare, the USA 

Dr. Martinez has 20 years of working experience of providing services in capacity building, organisational design, fund development, and strategic planning. Her work is focused on training executives and leaders, finding grant funds, and design lean and efficient operation. As a healthcare expert, she actively engages in carrying out interdisciplinary initiatives on health promotion and social programmes aimed at preservation of health, equality, and human rights. 


Joynicole inspires people around with her energy, working efficiency, and limitless desire to help people by using her knowledge and experience. She is a board member of two companies and the U.S. Chair for Housing and Community Development for the ALL International Women’s Chamber. Ms. Martinez also occupies the positions of Subject Matter Expert for the National Health Care for the Homeless Council and SheSource Expert in Business and Economy. Joynicole Martinez also works in the staff of The Carolinian newspaper and is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council community. 

Ms. Martinez was an executive coach and trainer at UNESCO, Microsoft, the Health Care Compliance Association, the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, and other major organisations. 


Joynicole Martinez has three doctorates: in Clinical Counseling, Sociology, and Osteopathic Medicine. Such a broad education informs her creative approach to solutions of many tasks. She studied political science, business, and human health and behavior. According to the expert, all those disciplines are closely interrelated. 

Ms. Martinez is sure that achieving the Sustainable Development Goals also requires a comprehensive approach. It is impossible to identify, which goal is the most important and demands serious attention. 


“You cannot have peace or justice without reducing inequality. You cannot reduce inequality if countries do not have economic growth and decent work for their population. Society won’t be healthy if the state of the environment leaves much to be desired”, believes Joynicole Martinez. 

“When people ask me why I spent so much time studying, I explain that I work across industries to address global issues, contribute to peace, equity, and justice”, she says. 

According to the speaker, peace is not only the absence of war but also freedom of people to express themselves as they want and stick to their belief systems. At the same time, it is important that society has proper moral compass. 


“Peace is what makes us people and allows me to be in contact with residents of other countries and strengthen those relations”, thinks Joynicole Martinez. She believes that global peace is only possible when using soft power. It is important to ensure that all people can equally express themselves, fulfil their potential, be heard, and contribute to social development. 

It is needed to use smart power as well as soft power to maintain peace. Smart power presupposes establishing communication, unification, and unselfish knowledge and resources exchange. 

“We can become the architects of cooperation and build communication networks to exchange experience and implement joint projects. This is what makes us stronger”, she believes. According to the speaker, the Summer Peace Summit has become an effective platform for the development of soft and smart powers. Peace 50 (P50) community that united active and concerned women from different countries has been formed within the event. They all understand the importance of collaboration for preserving and developing peace. 


Peace-related issues play a key role in the life of Joynicole Martinez. She has many children and it is important for her to make their future brighter and happier. 

Despite the fact that the speaker works a lot, she strives to spend more time with her children. Sometimes she takes them when traveling to show them the diversity of the world and acquaint with different cultures and people. “I want my children to be inspired by the beauty of what surrounds them and understand that they can help our planet to become even better in the future”, she explained. 

Joynicole has five children. She gives the part of herself to each child for them to be kind, loving, and respectful towards people. She considers this her contribution in the future of our planet. 

Ms. Martinez is sure that women play a significant role in development and preservation of peace. They are mothers and keepers of the family hearth. Women can unite people and whole countries and instill spiritual values in people around. Their love is spread far beyond their families. They can embrace the whole world with their care. 

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Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov