People Are the Most Interesting

People Are the Most Interesting

Psychologist is one of the most creative professions 

Psychology can be compared to the most delicate art. That science is directly related to harmony in human consciousness. Galina Fedorenko is an artist by nature. She has chosen the profession of psychologist and today literally brings colours to other people’s lives. Galina helps them find themselves, find balance between inner and outer world, and become a happy person. Psychologist often use creative methods for that. 

Galina Fedorenko - Practicing psychologist, psychoanalyst, and art therapist 

Psychologist Galina Fedorenko considers people the most interesting in her profession. She works with adults and children, provides counseling, helps find sources of this or that problem, and suggests ways of their solution. The youngest Galina’s client is 2.5 years old, the oldest is 85. They are very different people with different age, character, worldview, culture, confession, and life stories. The psychologist has to be a creative person to be able to hear and understand people. 


In the childhood, Galina dreamed of sketching and stitching clothes. However, brought up in the military family, having matured she decided to choose other profession, which appeared to be not less creative. Galina graduated from courses of emergency assistance to the civilian population and the faculty of psychology in Ukraine. She worked for a long as a sports psychologist. More than 20 years ago, she moved to Russia where she received a Russian education in the same specialty. 

“Psychologist is a very creative profession. It is related to understanding not only psychological processes but also cultural peculiarities of every person”, explains Galina. 


People’s worldview, character or inner state depends on the cultural environment they were born in. The psychologist uses creative methods of interacting with clients in her work. Art therapy and fairy tale therapy are among Galina’s favourite directions, in which she is a true expert. 

Creativity is a kind of activity coming from people’s hearts and allowing to release inner experiences and transfer hidden emotions to the outer world. 

Often, when working with parents and children Galina suggests them drawing something and releasing on paper everything that has accumulated in their hearts. The expert is convinced that the words of people are not always able to reflect their feelings: they can incorrectly formulate a thought or deceive. The drawings very accurately convey the inner state of the author. 


“As a woman and mother, I always want to help others. I can listen to people and hear them as well as feel them. I try to use my skills as much as possible”, shares Galina Fedorenko. 

Women are by nature sensitive and attentive. That is why many mothers can become good psychologists for their children. Galina Fedorenko advises parents to talk with their children as much as possible and listen to them.

According to the psychologist, art therapy can become a good way of spending time together. At the same time, mothers do not need to evaluate the work of the children or interpret the images on paper when drawing with them. It is much more important to discuss with children what they drew and why they wanted to do it. 


Drawing helps to develop fine motor skills of children, which is closely related to the development of speech. With the help of art therapy children realise their creative potential, learn to articulate their thoughts, get closer with their parents in the process of communicating, and release all their experiences. 

The psychologist advises mothers to start talking to the child during pregnancy and reading fairy tales after birth. It is interesting that experts have established a certain order, in which it is recommended to attach the baby to the literature. Thus, it is necessary to begin with oral folk art of that culture, to which the family belongs, then to read fairy tales of the people of the world, and only then pass to fairy tales by concrete writers. 


“Fairy tales contain much wisdom. This is especially true for oral folk art. When a fairy tale is written by one person, it is only his or her history, knowledge, and experience. Folk tales are passed from mouth to mouth, from generation to generation. For many centuries they ‘honed’ every word and every wise thought”, noted the psychologist. 

As a rule, parents are the main mentors and a ‘guiding star’ for children. Galina wished women all over the world to learn to love and take care of themselves. After all, only a happy person can help his or her child become truly happy. 

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Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community 

Translated by Yan Zarubin