More and more often women take senior positions in global politics. They motivate others to set their goals high and conquer all the heights. News agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community continues its series of articles on women-leaders. 

Ana Maria Pastor Julian is an experienced politician, who has been working on highest levels of authority for a long time. She worked twice as a minister. From 2002 to 2004, she was the Minister of Health, from 2011 to 2016 – the Minister of Public Works. Since July 2016, she has been acting as Spain’s President of Congress of Deputies. 


Ms. Pastor studied Medicine and Surgery in the University of Salamanca, which is one of the oldest European universities. After that, she successfully used the knowledge gained to work in public health sector of Galicia, Spain. In turn, Ana’s political career began with the appointment to the post of Under-Secretary of State for Education and Culture. After achieving success and demonstrating her leadership in the sphere, she shifted to the Ministry of the Presidency. 

Any type of development bases on shifting from one state to another. In society, such progress primarily depends on working with the youth. That is why, working as the Minister of Public Works, Ana Pastor focused on youth issues. In 2017, acting as the President of Congress of Deputies, she participated in the discussion of employment topic and country’s vocational education. At the time, Ana mentioned that it is essential to get to the topic’s essence and address the issue of high unemployment rates among the youth. Ms. Pastor is sure the comprehensive measures have to be taken. Thus, the government and social partners alongside higher education institutions and training centres should be involved. The working place itself has to provide the opportunities of advanced training for employees to grow professionally. 


Alongside her main work, Ana Pastor participates in the international conferences on youth problems in developing countries. Thus, on the eve of International Day of the Girl Child celebrated on October 11, the politician met the youth interests’ defenders from Guatemala and Malawi. Throughout the meeting, they agreed that it is insufficient to launch platforms defending children’s rights. It is also essential to control those platforms’ further activities. Ms. Pastor mentioned the time has come, when politicians from over the globe should launch campaigns raising awareness of girls’ rights. According to her, information void concerning gender equality is what prevents women from unleashing their potential. That is the reason of the rising incidence of inequality in employment. Thus, women are statistically paid less than men, which proves the importance of raising awareness of the topic once again. 

However, it is favourable that Ana Pastor stands for gender equality topic to be raised in education. She supports the idea of introducing corresponding subjects to the national curriculum. The politician supposes such measures will promote gender equality in employment. 

Sukhrob Sharipov, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov