Preserve Culture to Preserve Peace

Preserve Culture to Preserve Peace

Nupur Tron about cultural bridges among countries

‘Cultural Institutes as the Key Pillar of Sustainable Development’ was one of the important topics discussed at the Summer Peace Summit. Nupur Tron told about the importance of the role of restoration and popularisation of cultural heritage in preservation of peace. She emphasized the fact that the Summit brought together women from 14 countries. They can build bridges among their countries even by means of simple communication. “If you are open and sincere, you can embrace the whole world”, believes Nupur Tron. 

Nupur Tron - Founder and Director General of Foundation Frison Horta 

Nupur Tron was born and grew up in India. When she was 16 years old, her father gave her the opportunity to travel around different countries. In the first turn, she decided to visit Europe and the USA. Many people didn’t approve her aspiration to travel and considered that the main and the only function of a woman was bringing up children. However, already at that time Ms. Tron understood that women are multitaskers and have huge potential. They can successfully combine children’s upbringing and their favourite activities. 


When Nupur Tron visited another continent for the first time, she changed her attitude to India, her homeland. She realised that she had been growing up in a country with rich cultural heritage. Ms. Tron wanted to share that with the whole world. 

Today, Nupur Tron is raising her 5-year-old daughter and travels a lot. She is engaged in preservation, restoration, and popularisation of cultural heritage. 

She established the Foundation Frison Horta. The organisation is focused on restoration of cultural heritage of the past Indian and European epoch of the 19th century. When traveling, Nupur Tron saw a unique building in Belgium, projected by Victor Horta, founding father of Art Nouveau. She literally fell in love with that place. Later, Ms. Tron managed to open a museum in that building. It has become a cultural platform uniting Europe and India. 


“It was the building that found me. I felt I was back home in India. It felt like an Old Slipper. Many things in it relate to the culture of East: Indian elements, symbols from our mythology”, explained Nupur Tron. She managed to harmoniously bring together two very different cultures. 

Foundation Frison Horta museum represents not only tan exhibition but also a space with a unique atmosphere. When entering the building, the visitors find themselves filled with inspirations from India with its traditions and interior customs. This can be compared to a little journey allowing to not only learn and understand but also feel a different culture. 


“Art and culture are the ‘bridges’ among countries. They are able to bring together people from different continents. Today, it is extremely important in terms of politically and economically divided world”, believes Ms. Tron. 

She emphasized that each participant of the Summer Peace Summit contributed to preservation and development of peace. Moreover, they all represent different countries and cultures and thus can share about their traditions and stories with people around. The more people know, the easier it is for them to understand one another. 


“By sharing amazing stories about their countries, we make our world more unified and contribute to strengthening warm relations among different countries”, believes Ms. Tron. 

According to her, such platforms as the Summer Peace Summit, help unite concerned people who carry out activities for the good of society. By means of joining efforts, they can achieve much better results. In addition, the platform allows promoting certain initiatives to the international level and spreading them in different countries. 


“Thanks to such fruitful meetings, women make a beautiful mosaic of peace, culture, economy, and politics. I am happy that the Summit participants arrived from different countries to share their experience, ideas, and resources with one another for the sake of improving our world”, commented Nupur Tron. 

Ms. Tron believes that big deeds start with small steps. This, preservation of harmony in the world must start with preserving harmony in one’s home. Women as mothers and keepers of the family hearth understand that very well. They raise their children with love and instill proper values in them understanding that the rising generation is the future of our planet. 


To sum up, Nupur Tron wished women from all over world to always believe in themselves. All women have powerful inner strength. If they find it, they will be able to work wonders. 

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Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community 

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov