The First Moscow Forum of Entrepreneurs took place at the Manezh Exhibition Hall. The event coincided with the launch of the Moscow Entrepreneurship Week, the largest business event of this year held in the capital of Russia. One of the forum’s sessions was dedicated to women’s entrepreneurship. Valerie Bremond, Director General of Do It Evolution, shared about how to make success in business and in life. 


She started her speech with a short story she had read in a book. Two boys were playing on the beach when a wave washed them over. The first boy burst into tears and the second started laughing. That wave didn’t actually affect their emotions as many other events happening in every person’s life. The thing is that everything depends on our own perception and attitude to what is happening around us. This story and the idea it revealed made Valerie Bremond reconsider her attitude to life. 

The speaker said her grandfather had left Russia during the revolution. She also shared that her parents had left Algeria during the war years and moved to France. From early childhood, Valerie got adjusted to life full of challenges. 


She left for the Soviet Union when she was 19 years old. However, then Valerie Bremond returned to France and received business education there. She didn’t plan to work in Russia, however her life went different. In 1990s, Ms. Bremond founded a company that united the first bank cards in Russia. Several years after that she sold her company but continued working in the field of payment systems distributing them in Eastern Europe. 20 years in business with many ups and downs made Ms. Bremond change her attitude to life and get rid of pessimism. 


She underwent intensive coaching training and established Do It Evolution company in Russia. The company focuses on enhancing the value of human capital at enterprises. Today, Valerie Bremond is a coach who teaches people to free themselves from ideas limiting them, focus on positive and motivating thoughts, and approach any action with careful consideration. She believes her main mission is to help people understand themselves and one another, to build communication between them. 

According to the speaker, the main task of any entrepreneur is to get rid of his or her own narrow-mindedness and stereotypes and to become inwardly free. It is necessary to stop inventing new obstacles on one’s way. One shouldn’t think that women must realise their potential in family only. Women shouldn’t be oppressed by thoughts about having no support. It is important for them to be motivated and to do what makes them happy. This is the only way to progress in profession and in life. 


“I have come to the idea that the world is wonderful and full of opportunities. Everything around happens to the best of us. If all people are benevolent, compassionate, humane, and generous, we will fulfill our destiny and live in abundance. That is how the beautiful inside us will save the world”, she said. 

In her interview with the EWC journalists, Ms. Bremond says women have all qualities mentioned above. She believes it is difficult to overestimate the role of women in the modern society. 

Valerie Bremond recommends all women to pay more attention to children’s upbringing and to surround them with love and care. Then the tomorrow world will become brighter and kinder. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov