Purnima Anand: Russian Women Amaze Me

Purnima Anand: Russian Women Amaze Me

President of the BRICS International Forum visited the Second EWF 

Participants from many countries and international organisations visited the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. Purnima Anand, President of the BRICS International Forum, shared her impressions of the forum with journalists of our news agency.  

“We focus on development of social economy and empowerment of women in our activity. Many modern women are leaders who prove that women can do anything if they are given an opportunity”, said Purnima Anand. She is sure that the more women we have on leading positions in the economy, the better our world will be. Purnima raised this issue on the Second EWF.

Purnima Anand mentioned that it was a great honour for her to be invited to the Second EWF held in St. Petersburg, the city that amazed her.

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“It was a proud moment for me as an Indian woman to get a golden opportunity to meet President Vladimir Putin and get a selfie with him during the programme. He is an amazing and versatile leader in the contemporary world”, shared Ms. Anand. 

The forum gave her an opportunity to make new business contacts and get an inspiration for new projects. 

“My session ‘The BRICS Women’s Business Alliance’ was very important under the framework of BRICS agenda to finalise the resolution to work together as one platform for economic upliftment of women entrepreneurs”, commented Purnima Anand. 

She was especially inspired by Russian women.

“Russian women are great. During World War II, they showed how strong they were. They led the Soviet Union to glory. Nowadays Russian women are well empowered too”. 

According to the speaker, Ms. Valentina Matvienko is a dynamic world women leader. Purnima Anand is very much interested to work with her on behalf of Indian Women. 

“Russian Women proved they could work under any conditions. They are very emotional and love peace and their families. We are glad to work with them and solve problems on international level”, concluded Purnima Anand. 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin