Putin, Trump, and Soft Power

Putin, Trump, and Soft Power

Communication at all levels is needed to preserve peace 

On June 28, two significant global political events will take place. The whole world is awaiting the meeting of Presidents of two great powers: the Russian Federation and the USA. The atmosphere at international political arena depends much on the leaders of these countries. Summer Peace Summit, which is the event dedicated to preservation of peace on the planet, will take place in Brussels, the centre of Europe, on the same day. 

The Summit in Brussels will unite 50 women leaders from 18 countries. They will gather to discuss peace, exchange experience and ideas, and work out the strategy of actions. One of the tasks of Summer Peace Summit is to build horizontal friendly relations that will support the leaders of countries and help them lean on the so-called soft power represented by a strong women’s movement. It is important to understand that communication at all levels is needed to preserve peace. 


Today, it is necessary to not only establish communication among countries but also strengthen friendly creative relations that are formed at various forums, conferences, and meetings. 

Modern women actively carry out peacekeeping activities, express and fulfil ideas about how to improve the world. They are sincerely interested in ensuring that their children and their countries have a happy future. 

The Second Eurasian Women’s Forum held in September 2018 in St. Petersburg proved that and was supported by the personal visit of Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation. More than 2000 women from all over the world became the participants of the event. They showed that women approach to global security and sustainable development issues with great responsibility. 

The team of the Eurasian Women’s Community shot a video where participants of the Forum shared their ideas about why such meetings us are important today. 

After the Forum in Saint Petersburg, the ‘RESPONSIBLE MEDIA FOR THE GLOBAL PEACE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT’ memorandums were signed by women leaders from 15 countries. They are convinced that media greatly influence the relations and actions of modern people. Today, mass media must not only objectively reflect the real picture of the world but also show the ideas and initiatives aimed at sustainable development. 


Holding of the women’s summit in Brussels on June 28-29 will be the next step in preservation of peace. 

Women can play a central role in establishing and strengthening the international dialogue. They have a natural ability to create favourable conditions for future generations. 

News from Summer Peace Summit will soon appear at our website. 

Marina Volynkina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov