Racing with Calculator

Racing with Calculator

Championship in mental arithmetic in Novokuznetsk 

UCIMAS Open Siberian Championship in Mental Arithmetic took place within the women’s forum in Novokuznetsk. 205 children aged 6-14 participated in it. 

The kids showed their skills in mental arithmetic. In a matter of seconds, they summed and multiplied multiplace numbers, extracted square and cubic roots, and calculated percent. Students of UCIMAS neither did long calculations nor used any other common method to give a correct answer. Children conducted complicated arithmetic operations in mind in no time. 

It took only eight minutes for the participants of UCIMAS championship to perform 200 arithmetic tasks being faster than not only adults but calculator as well. 

Such a result is achieved thanks to a special training programme that consists of several levels. First, children learn to count on abacus. Then they imagine it before them and do calculations paddling about. At the higher levels of the programme, children can do it without paddling. 


Mental arithmetic develops creativity, imagination, trainability, attentiveness, and concentration. All those skills provide a competitive advantage in the future. Yelizaveta Nikolayets, Head of the UCMAS project in Kuzbass, shared more details. 

She mentioned that modern world changes rapidly. That is why we should suggest effective training programmes that can be easily learned. UCIMAS meets that requirement and challenges of STEM education. 

According to Yelizaveta Nikolayets, many people consider mental arithmetic something phenomenal but the technique of quick calculation in mind is available for any child. Moreover, the sooner you start exercising, the more effective the result will be. 


At the UCIMAS championship in Novokuznetsk, there were children who hadn’t even entered the school but had already achieved great results in in the development of mental arithmetic. They can immediately remember large amounts of information. That makes the process of obtaining new knowledge easier for them. 

Parents of the championship participants also note the effectiveness of the programme.

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5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 2.jpg 8.jpg

Natalia, mother of the participant Arseniy Ryabchikhin (11 years old): 

“We visited the UCIMAS intro class and my son liked it. He saw the results of other children who had already been developing mental arithmetic and he also wanted to try it. Several months later, the child became more self-reliant and concentrated. 

The speed of doing homework increased at the second level of the programme already. That is important for schoolchildren. I want my son to undergo all the levels in future. It depends on parents’ participation because developing mental arithmetic continues at home”. 

Irina, mother of the participant Zlata Baglay (8 years old): 

“When Zlata entered first grade she couldn’t count. She could write and read but there were difficulties with doing calculations. They advised us to enter mental arithmetic. Now Zlata counts only in mind. The visual memory develops and thanks to it, children obtain much knowledge in classes and do homework easier”. 

19 children won the UCIMAS Open Siberian Championship in Mental Arithmetic. They will represent Russia at the international contest in December 2019. The other kids received the strongest incentive for further development. 

Kristina Danilina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin