There are scientific educational schools in the architectural environment where the experienced specialists teach their followers. They share experience with their students, help them choose the right values, and bring up their tastes. Such a school was created on the basis of the International Arts and Communication College. Rashida Gainullina, co-founder of the TZAM Group company and group of companies Partner, architect-urbanist, and member of the Creative Union of the Professional Artists, became the main specialist of the Architectural College. 

Rashida Gainullina is an author of planning and development projects on territories covering more than 20 billion square m where about 3.3 billion square m of residential and commercial property is realised. More than 200 thousand people live and work there. Nowadays our interlocutress pays much attention to the teaching activities. 


Rashida’s main target is to inspire the growing generation and bring up their interest in profession by showing its unique character. She mentions that architectural activity combines creativity and careful planning. Specialists of that profession must have not only graphic skills and logical thinking but also imagination and ability to generate ideas and correctly present them to people. One cannot learn it by studying only theory. The practice is needed also. It is important that the young specialists develop their professional skills but also do it under auspices of experienced mentors who can share their experience and even form the world view of the future architects. 


Rashida Gainullina is such a mentor for the students of the International Arts and Communication College. Art is a way of living for her. She is sure that people pour their souls and good feelings when creating an architectural project, picture or a piece of art. We influence other people through the creativity and can even change their attitude to life. Rashida wants to teach her students that view on profession and art. 

Our interlocutress highlighted that the architect is a versatile profession. The specialists of that sphere can not only work on construction projects but also go into design, book graphics, and painting. Rashida herself deals with graphics and painting and takes part in exhibitions. 


Rashida Gainullina is a creative person. However, she doesn’t limit her activities by just Fine Arts. In 2014, she decided to try herself as a writer. She concocted the Fairytale About Soap Bubbles. It took the first place on the contest held by the Writers’ Union. Now she is writing two children books. Despite her multifaceted nature, she prefers the architecture most of all. 

Speaking about role of women in that sphere, Rashida Gainullina mentioned that the profession of the architect is open for them. There are many talented women among the architects. By the way, there were really many women-architects and engineers in the Soviet Union. Now their number in those professions is also increasing. Their projects are realised not only in Russia but also in other countries. Many women also strive to teach the growing generation and found the architectural schools. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin