On 18 October 2018, Argentina will hold the 9th annual G(irls)20 Summit. Young women from all over the world will visit Buenos Aires to participate in leadership trainings and the programme for social enterprises development. They will also discuss ways to solve economic and social problems that women face in different countries. Registration is available until April 6. Girls aged 18-23 with advanced English are welcome to participate. 

Other G(irls)20 Summits took place in Canada, France, Mexico, Australia, Turkey, China, and Germany. Russia hosted the conference in 2013. Young women from G20 countries met in Moscow for the first time then. The main topic of discussion was women’s international economic empowerment. Girls also spoke vibrantly on educating the new generation of women leaders. 


Google’s office in Moscow held the first day of the Summit. Heads of the leading international companies spoke for the participants. Among them were Jennifer Buffett (NoVo Foundation), Jennifer Huffington (The Huffington Post), Lauren Bush (FEED Projects), Valentina Glukhovskaya (Norton Rose), Svetlana Kupriyanova (Carrera y Carrera), etc. They discussed women’s economic role and employment issues. 

The Summit’s main goals were helping girls gain self-confidence, teaching them to move past their fears, and inspiring them to act vibrantly. For example, Elaine Kunda, CEO of B5 Media spoke on the rights and opportunities for modern women and shared her thoughts on self-development. 


Yulia Solovieva, the head of Google Russia showed by example that more and more women are now taking senior posts. Having said that, numerous companies including Google are positive about it. Yulia sets yet another bright example of a successful CEO woman. 


All the discussions were sincerely spiritual and transparent. By the way, Gippy Bekkering from Caterpillar Company was the only male representative at the event. He also expressed his opinion on women’s economic role, shared professional recommendations and participated actively in the discussions. 

On the final day of G(irls)20 Summit in Russia, the participants signed a communique which presented recommendations and suggestions on solving economic and social issues of women in different countries. After that, the document was sent to G20 leaders. The girls also met Kseniya Yudaeva, the Chairperson of the Russian Presidential Experts Directorate. They discussed relevant issues of women’s social role. Farah Mohamed, CEO and President of G(irls)20 Summit promised that Kseniya Yudaeva will deliver main ideas of the discussion to the head of state. 


G(irls)20 global summits take palace annually. The issues discussed there are relevant for G20 as well. Digital economy, energy, climate change, migration, etc. are among the main topics. Interestingly enough, G(irls)20 pays particular attention to men’s influence on women educating and unleashing their potential. For instance, in 2014, Fathers Empowering Daughters campaign was launched. In its series of videos, fathers spoke on helping their daughters achieve success. Their daughter, in turn, spoke on their fathers’ support. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Boykov