Regina Kova About Thinking Positive

Regina Kova About Thinking Positive

Russia's 'Angelina Jolie' shares about positive content in media, 200 thousand followers on Instagram, and the ability to influence the future 

Regina Kova is a Russian blogger who is famous on Instagram as Russia's lookalike of Angelina Jolie. Ms. Kova says that the desire to preserve a positive state of mind is needed in addition to wisdom, mental strength, and femininity in order to change the world for the better. She believes that combining all those features is women’s most important mission. 

One might hardly believe that a challenging life situation can be resolved and the future can be ‘programmed’. Regina Kova, who is 25 years old, can dream and think positive so that the desired events happen in her life.  

According to her, the internet is the environment she lives in. It has become an irreplaceable communication tool. Ms. Kova would like the internet to become more positive. That is why she fills her blog on Instagram with positive content only. In fact, she has over 200 thousand followers. 

I understand that many of them are interested by my physical resemblance with Angelina Jolie. 

According to Ms. Kova, she used to look like a boy in her childhood. When she was 12 years old, she liked to play an action-adventure video game called Tomb Raider. Somebody said she looked like Angelina Jolie playing the main role in the film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Five years after that Regina Kova managed to get Angelina Jolie’s autograph on a magazine cover with her portrait. A photo with that autograph was extremely popular on the net. It brought her Instagram account 20 thousand new subscribers in one day. 

Ms. Kova says she finds Angelina Jolie a person of great depth. As stated by Regina Kova, if she had a chance to talk with the actress, she would gladly discuss all Ms. Jolie’s humanitarian projects. 

The EWC journalists asked Regina Kova whether Instagram is a women’s social network. The interviewee says, partially yes. She shares that today internet users lack thought leaders. Politicians, famous authors, and other creative people used to be thought leaders. However, in today’s world of consumption, Instagram more often sets trends for people interested in them. Today not only goods but also ideas are being promoted on the net. 

A trend of the revival of family culture, spiritual values, reflection on the role of interpersonal relations becomes more noticeable on the net. Today, stories and photos of mothers with many children are popular. 

Bloggers often talk about their own achievements and share their tips in children upbringing that may be useful for other mothers. 

Regina Kova believes that thought forms attract information, people, and events in life. One just should start dreaming. Ms. Kova did that when she was a child. She often sees prophetic dreams. When fantasizing, she expresses her dreams through a photo composition. Ms. Kova places her own photograph in the middle of a sheet of paper and surrounds it with pictures found on the net according to feng shui principles. Those pictures include luxurious interior design, cool cars, famous people, and everything else Regina Kova likes. As mentioned by Ms. Kova, such photo compositions usually come true. 

The more you think about something good and positive, the more often you notice its manifestations around you in life. 

Thinking positive and awaiting a miracle like in your childhood, you activate your ‘inner inspector’ who does not let something negative approach you and prevents you from producing it yourself. Thus, changing your approach towards the world you can affect the world’s attitude towards you. 

When taking a decision one usually chooses between mind and heart or intuition. People believe that it is the heart that tells the true path. According to Ms. Kova, her heart often tries to get her into some mess and let her rebel a little but Regina’s mind stops her. That is why she usually listens to what her mind tells and calms her heart. 

Regina Kova shared her vision of women’s role in the world. Women bring the beautiful to the world. There is something magical in their charm, self-care, and the ability to present themselves. Every day they are filled with warmth and tenderness. They live in the present and partially guess how it continues, which is probably called consciousness. Ms. Kova shares that her mother and grandmother are her role models. They work and do household chores. Her granny is 70 years old and still can’t help loving life and wishing to make her home better and more comfortable. 

I think that the presence of women makes this world kinder. I want people not to be afraid of feeling and loving. 

In addition, let people be honest with themselves and others. Let them not be afraid of trying themselves in new fields and looking for their vocation in life. 

Tina Stankevich, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov