Results of the Volunteer Marathon

More than 1000 female leaders from different regions of Russia took part in the volunteer marathon

As part of the Year of the Volunteer, the Eurasian Women’s Community portal announced the volunteer marathon, which was held in two stages. Women were invited to tell about their projects, programmes, actions, good deeds, and to share their ideas and initiatives. Around 1000 applications were received during the marathon. The winners of the first stage were awarded in the Federation Council on the eve of the International Women’s Day. It is now time to conclude the final stage.

Female leaders from different regions of Russia took part in the volunteer marathon. The programmes that they submitted, once again showed that women’s hearts are always open for love, kindness, and women are always ready to help those who need support. Certainly, absolutely every project is worthy of special attention, and we will certainly tell about each of them on our Internet portal. But in this piece, we introduce the social initiatives that made the greatest impression on the volunteer marathon jury, and were recognized as the best ones.

Irina Bezrukova

Actress, audio description specialist

Specialists in audio description are those who help people with impaired hearing to immerse themselves into the artistic world of theatre and cinema. They describe objects, actions and phenomena taking place on stage or on television screen.

There are only 20 audio description specialists in Russia today. Meanwhile, for people with hearing impairment, their help is the only opportunity to feel as full-fledged viewers and thereby improve the quality of their lives. Actress Irina Bezrukova, a specialist of the highest profile, is engaged in popularization of audio description in cultural institutions, and she feels involved in fulfilling other people’s dreams.

Elizaveta Zemlyanova

Head of ‘Days of Contemporary Art’ (DOCA) International Festival

‘Days of Contemporary Art’ (DOCA) International Festival is an educational project that gives an opportunity to feel and understand contemporary art. At all times, art united people and brought up their best qualities. Over 100 volunteers and the same number of young artists take part in the DOCA festival annually; they unlock their creative potential by acting as guides into contemporary art.

Anastasia Orlova

Head of the department, PatriUm youth project

At the basis of the PatriUm educational project is the original ‘3D technology: Children for Children’. Its uniqueness lies in young volunteers mentoring and helping talented children from different Russian regions to express themselves in competitions, to develop their own projects and to show their social responsibility. Winners of intellectual competitions get a chance to spend three unforgettable days at PatriUm summer school, which is organized by the volunteers of the project. For many talented children from all over Russia, PatriUm becomes an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their creative and intellectual potential.

Elena Grin

Creator of ‘Mama v Prave’ Internet Project

Together with her colleagues, Elena Grin, PhD in Law, Associate Professor, Deputy Head of the Department of Intellectual Rights of the Moscow State Law Academy, member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Intellectual Rights Court, is engaged in developing the Instagram project aimed at legal education of women, especially young mothers.

The experts pay special attention to issues related to education, admission to kindergarten, women’s work and maternity leave. In addition to legal issues, women discuss health, career growth, and raising children at the online resource. They exchange advice, recommendations, opinions, and support each other.

Anastasia Zelenova

Director of the All-Russian Festival of Youth Journalism ‘Pingvini Pera’

Anna Shkvarkova

Head of the Organizing Committee

Open Festival of Youth Journalism ‘Pingvini Pera’ (‘Pen Penguins’) is guidance and media education for young people; three days of immersion into the world of media and journalism; engaging competition and practical experience; master classes of famous journalists, writers, employees of Moscow’s largest media; professional prizes: gadgets, certificates for studies, internships and publications in the media. Target audience: schoolchildren aged 13 and above, and students. Coverage: over 500 people. The festival has been held since 2005; schoolchildren and students volunteer to take part in it, along with experienced and well-known representatives of the professional media community.

Kristina Danilina, Eurasian Women's Community News Agency