Risk Card

Risk Card

We all live and work in some kind of uncertainty. No matter how carefully have we thought over the plan of our actions, there always are risks that can influence on speed and quality of reaching goals. But we shouldn’t be afraid of these risks. We should learn to control them and then new opportunities that allow to come near to wanted results will appear.

There are a lot of factors that might influence on the developing of organization in the activities of non-commercial organizations. It is important to structure information about risks, exchange experience and work out methods of solving problems with employees and leaders of other organizations to avoid possible problems or quickly remove appeared obstacles. That very order of the day was the main topic of workshop Management of Risks in NCO that was held as part of the international forum “Women’s Dialogue. Infinity Charity”. The forum was held in Ufa on the 17-18th of November and was attended by more than 400 participants. During these two days more than 30 roundtable discussions, workshops and trainings were organized. There guests could share experience, make useful contacts and discuss matters of concern.


Representatives and leaders of such organizations as Charity Fund of V. Potanin, PHILIN, Dobro, charity fund Arifmetika Dobra, charity fund Pravmir and fund of helping hospices Hope took part in discussion the topic. In their talks the participants not only told about risks for NCO, but also drew attention to risks exactly for charity organizations.

There are a lot of classifications of risks. They can be inner and outer, subjective and objective, common for all organizations and specific for certain NCOs. The participants of workshops distinguished main groups of risks and told about personal experience of solving problems.


Risk of non-observance of  requests. Every juridical person must obey certain rules and stated requests. That is why leaders and employees should know existing laws and watch for renewals of request list.

Financial risks. To this group belong risks of fluctuating financing of organization, taxes risks. The participants mentioned that it is very important for NCOs to develop financial planning.

Risk of failure. It happens sometimes that an organization aims at global goals and fails to achieve them. To avoid such situations it is important to work out a strategy. It is better to reach the goal step by step marking for yourself what was done to achieve the result.


Besides, one of the participants told that their team came together to discuss appeared difficulties even after successfully held events. It helped to avoid mistakes in future and remember good experience.

Risk of coming across dishonesty. Unfortunately, there are some people that appeal to charity funds and ask for help they don’t really need or they just don’t want to solve problem by themselves. It is important to carefully check the information given, as well as to cooperate with other organizations for most productive activity and to uncover cheaters.

Risk of impossibility of helping everyone in need. A lot of people ask charity funds for help. NCO should  make clear its sphere of activities. It is also important to formulate and fill in a written form a list of all grounds under which organization could refuse to help. The grounds must be reasoned. That will allow to avoid requests with which a fund doesn’t work.

Risk of professional fading of employees. There are a lot of tasks that employees must solve quickly. And there is usually a lot of work to do. Many organizations use the help of psychologists to avoid professional fading of employees.

Partnership risks. This is quite wide group of risks that includes several kinds depending on type of partnership. So, NCO should always carefully learn information about partner organizations’ activities. Every leader must have plan B: what to do if partnership is over.

Moreover, there is specific risk in working with volunteers. It is important to remember that these people become a face of  NCO though are not its official employees. So, attention must be drawn to information about organization that they carry to society.


Risks while working with founders and curators.

Founders and curators often become a face of organization and take part in all of its events. They also become the main key for fund raising. But there occur situations when founder or curator stops to work with organization. That is why it is important to have other variants of financing and decide how to give information to the Mass Media so as not to spoil the reputation of NCO.

Reputational risks. It is the most important group of risks for NCO in this or that way connected with all listed above. Every appeared problem can spoil the reputation of organization. NCO should carefully avoid such situations because it can arouse mistrust towards fund and it will become an obstacle for organization’s activities.

There are main factors that can baffle NCO. As saying goes forewarned is forearmed.

Leaders and employees of NCO should learn to be meticulous about their movements, have much skill in their profession and exchange experience of solving problems with their colleagues. Then they will learn how to manage risks and transform them into opportunities of reaching goals.

Every participant of the workshop made a big contribution to formation of Risk Card that is useful for many NCOs. It must be mentioned that attendees actively participated in this workshop like in all others. Everyone could ask a question or take part in discussion. A lot of participants  summarized what was done during these two days and thanked organizers. And that is the main index of event’s successfulness.

Victoria Ezhova, news agency of Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin