The mass media are often called the fourth power. It is obvious because they influence the public opinion and thus form worldviews of every person. Our agency consciously took the responsibility to deliver only positive news from all spheres of activity to the society. 


On February 1, the journalists of our news agency took part in the international conference Intellectual Property in the New Technological Order. Scientists, representatives from different institutions, and specialists on intellectual property law raised issues connected with introduction of new technologies into the sphere of intellectual property, discussed the possibility of artificial intellect being rightholder, and spoke about future development of the branch. The answers to these questions are very important for understanding the new types of relations that establish in the society due to development of robotics, blockchain, and new digital technologies.


Many speakers pointed out the necessity of increasing the level of society’s legal literacy in the sphere of intellectual property protection. That is why the journalists of the Eurasian Women’s Community asked the specialists about the role of mass media in informing society about observation of copyrights and patent rights. It was important for us to understand the opinion of scientists about the role of mass media in highlighting the global processes. 

It is great that the participants thoughtfully answered that question. 


Thus, Dick Mwesigwa Kamugasha, Director of Technology Development Centre of Uganda, said that mass media in his country had not published any information when a new digital medical technology had been developed. The journalists did not highlight that technology every time it got on international conferences. However, the team of inventors took the first prize in California at Patient Safety Innovation Awards and the second prize at Innovation Prize for Africa in Kakira, Uganda. Dick is sure that mass media should highlight such issues immediately at high level. 


Michael Schwantner, Director of Department of Countries with Transition and Advanced Economies of the World Intellectual Property Organization, also answered the question of our journalist. He was sure that mass media play a most important role in informing the society in the sphere of intellectual property though too little attention is paid to this focus area of the mass media. The institutions and specialists themselves do not provide mass media with information. 


According to the expert, the significance of intellectual property increases in the XXI century. It increases every day and advances not only economy but the life of humanity as well. He believes that the journalists should cooperate with representatives of this branch. Such a cooperation is needed to protect the results of intellectual activity of inventors. Michael Schwantner called on the journalists to highlight the topic of intellectual property in mass media as much as possible. 

Anastasia Tsukanova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin



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