Russia and UNIDO: Development of Creative Industries Cluster

Russia and UNIDO: Development of Creative Industries Cluster

Gulnaz Kadyrova and Li Yong visited a creative industries cluster

On June 3, Gulnaz Kadyrova, Russia’s Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, demonstrated the industrial textile printing to UNIDO delegation headed by Li Yong, Director General of UNIDO. During the meeting, they visited the ‘Kalibr’ creative industries cluster.

The manufacturing line of the ‘Kalibr’ cluster includes the most advanced technical devices performing pre-printing preparatory processes in addition to high-speed press, and equipment that clears and fixes the picture on most different textile materials. At the same time, this technology is eco-friendly. All the equipment is remote-controlled.


Aleksandra Kaloshina, the founder of this production in Russia, is also a co-founder and co-owner of Radical Chic, a Russian brand of accessories made of silk, wool, and cashmere.

“Russia is a historical unity of many cultures, the point where the West meets the East. The four sides of a shawl symbolise the four corners of the earth. When tying a shawl, we join them together. After that, we turn up in a world of joyful events, graceful observations, and new stories”, tells Aleksandra Kaloshina.

Every Radical Chic shawl is a new view on the familiar things. For 20 years already, Ms. Kaloshina and her team have been working with textile, thus acquiring valuable experience.

The collections are designed in Moscow and produced on traditional textile factories in Italy and on Radical Chic’s own production in Russia.


“We support historic traditions and cooperate with such enterprises focused on national art crafts as Zhostovo Factory of Decorative Painting, Pavlovo Posad Shawls, and others”, shares Aleksandra Kaloshina.

Work on every shawl takes from six to twelve months.

Gulnaz Kadyrova mentioned that tour of the textile production venue was organised within the Cooperation Agreement between Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade and UNIDO signed at the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum.

Development of creative industries clusters including those based on national art crafts became one of the key directions of cooperation.

“SOLSTUDIO company is a bright example of how a team of talented and dedicated professionals elegantly embody our historical industrial and cultural traditions in modern images. Their Solstudio Textile Design studio works out textile patterns, pictures for textile materials, and sells them to 30 countries. The team has an idea to create a laboratory for design solutions for remote application in any place of the country including small cities”, shared Ms. Kadyrova.

The company is a constant Russia’s participant and winner at the prestigious Paris exhibition titled Premiere Vision. The studio’s works are exhibited on stands of the leading textile exhibitions worldwide and are mentioned by world authorities in the analysis of fashion market.

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov