Sati Mata Ji: Open Your Heart to Change the World

Sati Mata Ji: Open Your Heart to Change the World

On ‘healthy’ information and the most important traits of a person

The name of Sati Mata Ji is known in many countries. Women of different age strive to take a wise advice from her. Sati Mata Ji regularly hosts seminars worldwide, many of which have ‘women’s’ focus. The expert helps people find themselves and reach inner balance. According to her, in modern world, very much depends on a person’s worldview and the kind of information that he or she got used to consume.

Sati Mata Ji - PhD in Psychology, Spiritual Master of Himalayan siddha-Yoga, President of the Academy of Himalayan Siddha Yoga and Human Self-Fulfilment, Editor-in-Chief of ‘Be the Light’ magazine, author of books about yoga and spiritual development

People perceive the world around through the five basic organs of senses. Everything that they hear, see, touch, and feel influences their inner world, transforms in their mind and is further transferred to other people. That is why it is important to consciously and responsibly approach to what information our mind and organism consume. ‘We are what we eat’ with our organs of senses, and this is an inevitable natural low.

Negative information can be compared to junk food. When people consume too much of it their organism is blocked with toxins.


“We constantly pass the world around through ourselves. It is important to ensure that it is environmentally clean, pure, and healthy. Only we can the world into what we want it to be by working on ourselves, our inner state, and our worldview”, believes Sati Mata Ji.

People can reach harmony only when they start recognising what information they get through their five organs of senses. The expert advises to pay attention to your breath and devote several minutes per day to focusing on inhaling and exhaling, calming your mind, feeling your body, and harmonizing your inner and external space. However, it is none the less important to watch what we eat, listen to, see, smell, and say to other people.

Several years ago, Sati Mata Ji started writing her doctoral thesis dedicated to innovative programmes in pedagogy. She paid special attention to respiratory and meditation systems as a basis in working with consciousness, reasoning, and mind of teachers because ‘balanced education’ of children depends on them.


The traditional system of education is designed to develop children’s logic and analytical thinking. At the same time, it is none the less important to bring up the rising generation’s love and intuition. Special health-promoting exercises for body, breathing techniques for creating and strengthening the mind, and proper meditation for achieving a high level of concentration can help in that.

Concentration = intention, intention = realisation, realisation = success!

According to the speaker, women are endowed with sensitivity, intuition, special cordiality, warm-heartedness, and compassion. It is easier for them than for men to develop these qualities in children. That is why the expert advises women work more on themselves and share their experience with the rising generation.


Many of modern women have great potential and wisdom but do not always have enough energy for fulfilment of their ideas, sharing knowledge with people around, and lobbying their own interests in this world.

“There are two options how people can recover their energy: gain it from the external world or find in inside of themselves. Only few people use the second method because it requires working much on yourself”, emphasizes Sati Mata Ji.

It is necessary to work on yourself daily even if you have only a few minutes for that. It is important to perform breathing exercises and learn to calm your mind through meditation, bring up your consciousness, and gradually change your worldview. This will help you ‘clean’ your mind, free your body from what blocks its potential, get rid of fears, and produce much energy inside of yourself. Thanks to such practices, people learn to pay attention to themselves, model their future, that of other people, and future of the world in general.

Сати-Мата-Джи7.jpg Сати-Мата-Джи8.jpg Сати-Мата-Джи9.jpg Сати-Мата-Джи11.jpg
Сати-Мата-Джи7.jpg Сати-Мата-Джи8.jpg Сати-Мата-Джи9.jpg Сати-Мата-Джи11.jpg

Sati Mata Ji emphasizes that women are, in the first turn, mothers. They naturally have the qualities that let them ‘feel’ people around them. Women can help people fulfil their potential and find their place in life.

Women have enough power and energy to make the world better. The main thing is that they should have ‘pure’, ecologically clean, and altruistic motivation.

“The energy that every woman can elaborate inside of herself has great power. It is enough for us to open our hearts to make everything work out”, believes Sati Mata Ji. At the same time, it is important to always remember that major changes start with small steps. We must start with improving ourselves to make the world better.

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Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Forum

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov