Science Allows to See the World in a New Light

Science Allows to See the World in a New Light

Many modern women are not only caring mothers, attentive spouses, but also realize their potential, choosing various spheres of activity. On our portal there are many materials about women who have achieved incredible success in professional activity, who try to make the world better by their work. Today business has become one of the most popular platforms for women’s self-realization. Many are involved in charity activities. But we would also like to pay special attention to such important area as science. 


Direction associated with the activities of women in science became one of the leading in the Eurasian Women's Forum. Today the Russian and the American Federations of women with higher education proposed the idea of the project called STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). The project includes a whole range of areas – from the development of new teaching methods, adding new information subjects in the program of humanitarian universities, the involvement of girls in the engineering profession to the realisation of the relevant Russian and international pilot projects.


The creation of such programs suggests that many countries have now set themselves a demanding task – to attract ladies to the Sciences, to show how it is important for the whole mankind to constantly develop and gain new knowledge. Scientific activity is not only an opportunity to realise their potential, learn about the incredible abilities of the human mind and to feel the power of their own erudition, intuition. The scientists can open new worlds, find the truth, understand the essence of complex processes and get professional satisfaction from intellectual search. 


New discoveries and new knowledge in humanities, natural science and technology, allow the community to look at the world from different angles, positions, respond to the processes and events right. Scientists are people, whose activity allows to make miracles: to change the history of the country or even the whole world, to launch spacecraft and descend deep into the earth.


When communicating with our News Agency journalists, women of science noted that this sphere of activity does not involve the division of scholars by gender: it can be interesting and difficult to understand both for men and women. The main thing for a scientist is the ability to think logically, the constant pursuit of new knowledge and, of course, love for the profession. 


Nevertheless, we want to tell the whole world about the activities of women in modern science. Because in their interviews they share stories about incredible discoveries that explain even the most complex phenomena and processes in a simple and interesting language. And we can't help admiring what they are doing within their profession. Science is a world in which secrets are constantly revealed, new questions and answers appear. We have created on our website a special section called Women and Science and offer you to plunge into the world of unknown with us.

Viktoria Ezhova, news agency of Eurasian Women’s Community 

Translated by Yan Zarubin