Sehar Kamran: “Converting Challenges into Opportunities”

Sehar Kamran: “Converting Challenges into Opportunities”

Pakistani politician on her mission and philosophy 

Sehar Kamran, the leader, is not afraid of obstacles, she is striving to overcome all challenges to achieve her goals. Ms. Kamran says she is optimistic, hardworking, determined, honest, and, most importantly, a patriot to her nation. Sehar Kamran began her political journey as a student leader. Now she is a member of the Upper Chamber of the Parliament of Pakistan. Our interviewee shared her success story and her view on her mission. 

Sehar Kamran - Senator from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan 

She is now a member of the Senate of Pakistan Forum for Policy and Research. Besides, Ms. Kamran represents her country in major international organizations and at global conferences while actively participating in education, philanthropic and social activities. She founded the Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies, which is a non-partisan research institute dealing with global Security, Geopolitics, Peacekeeping, and Conflict Resolution. Sehar Kamran received ‘Tamgha-e-Imtiaz’ the ‘Medal of Excellence’- National Civil Award of Pakistan for her valuable contributions in the field of education, social work, advancement of democratic values and promoting Pakistan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. More recently, Senator Kamran has also been decorated with the prestigious civil “Award of Cooperation” from the Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for promoting and strengthening the bilateral relations between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Russian Federation.


Sehar Kamran focuses on civic education, environmental protection, issues of child marriage, women empowerment and labour rights. She also works with the projects on such important topics as fighting Extremism, Foreign Policy, Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Maritime Security, Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Arms Control, and Disarmament. 

Throughout her entire career, Sehar Kamran has been contributing for the betterment of people’s lives and development of her country and humanity in general. As a student leader, she fought for students’ rights and education without discrimination. As an educator, she wanted to contribute to the quality education and equal opportunities for all. As a philanthropist, she vigorously pursued social work, social welfare, and humanitarian activities. As a legislator, she did everything possible to enact laws for people’s welfare and for the betterment of society at large. Thus, she advocated the protection of fundamental human rights, fought gender stereotypes, and represented her country at the highest authority levels. 

She strongly believes that no nation can progress without equal participation of women. Ms. Kamran says that women empowerment is an important step in achieving gender parity, sustainable development cannot be guaranteed until and unless half of the global population consisting of women are not made stakeholders in decision making processes.


“I believe that every person has his or her life goal, which defines their career paths. The major goal of my life is serving humanity to the best of my abilities. I hope to see that one day, all the prejudices and discriminations will disappear from our world. I hope our common efforts will pay off and we will witness the new era of peace, well-being, tolerance, and sustainability”. 

Ms. Kamran is sure: the more extensive one’s aim is, the more obstacles will one face while achieving it. Sehar Kamran said: “No challenge can stop you, if you have faith and perseverance. Throughout my career, I had many hard times. Nevertheless, my will power and dedication to a noble cause helped me live through those times. Besides, I am not the one who gives up. I fight the challenges and convert them into opportunities”. 

Sehar Kamran is a very positive and cheerful person. According to her, we should not miss our opportunities, as they rarely knock on our doors twice. That is why it is essential to benefit from any situation as much as possible and move forward without giving up after any failures. The politician shares her philosophy: “As you look back, never regret anything. It is important to believe that while we are alive we can achieve much”. 

Ms. Kamran’s family support and a loyal team significantly helped her become a real trustworthy leader. Moreover, the politician is thankful to Benazir Bhutto, her mentor and an outstanding woman politician. She learned a lot from her, taking an example from her charismatic nature. Now, Ms. Kamran is a role model for many women herself. She is being respected for the sincerity of her thoughts, love towards her country and people, desire to take care of the people around her, and the ability to keep her words.

Sehar Kamran is sure that perseverance and hard work always pays off. She wished to women of the entire world to always move forward with determination and confidence. Ms. Kamran quoted a saying, which states: “Shoot for the Moon: even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” 

Anna Repina, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Forum

Translated by Nikolay Boykov