The Second Eurasian Women’s Forum will hold a series of meetings, discussion platforms, and researches of various large international organisations and associations. UNIDO will host a particular section on the development of women’s entrepreneurship. 

Veronika Peshkova, manager of the Forum’s line of arrangement, OPORA Russia board member and a member of the expert council of the Committee on the Development of Women’s Entrepreneurship, told more about the upcoming event. 

‘UNIDO as the Platform of Actualising Women’s Entrepreneurial Projects’ section will be hosted as presentation of organisation’s key activities in the sphere and projects promoting territorial development by supporting women’s enterprises. UNIDO will present the organisation’s positive experience in implementing such projects in Armenia, Cuba, African countries, etc. 


The organisation pays much attention to developing activities, where women’s entrepreneurship can promote territorial development, economic growth, and increase in the number of jobs. One of the brightest examples here is fashion industry. It will also be discussed throughout the work of UNIDO section. Moreover, the organisation will present women’s successful entrepreneurial projects connected to creative industries. 

The section will also host a discussion of different platforms that provide an opportunity to collaborate with UNIDO for various women’s entrepreneurial projects. That will provide women an impetus for developing their enterprises and expanding at international level. 

One of the large Russian projects in the section is the Global Rus Trade e-commerce platform. The project was greatly appreciated and supported by UNIDO. The platform is among the effective tools for women’s small businesses to expand internationally. 

Veronika Peshkova highlighted UNIDO invites both its own specialists and entrepreneurs occupied at its projects to participate in the EWF. Those professionals developed due to UNIDO practices, while their enterprises grew to competitive international companies. 

According to our interlocutress, UNIDO platform at the Second EWF will be interesting for both women-entrepreneurs and municipal officials. Those projects that will be presented by the organisation connect supporting women entrepreneurship and territorial development. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community Translated by Nikolay Boykov