Shirley Bahula-Ermias on the Second EWF

Shirley Bahula-Ermias on the Second EWF

General Director of BRICS Energy in Russia about why women manage to cope with any kind of problems 

Shirley Bahula-Ermias, the President and CEO of SFT Gas & Oil and General Director BRICS Energy in Russia, took part in the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. In her interview to the EWC, she told about the role of women in developing oil & gas and energy industries while sharing her impressions of the Forum. 

Ms. Bahula-Ermias is originally from South Africa. However, she is now living in Moscow. She heads her own SFT Oil & Gas company and was recently appointed as General Director of BRICS Oil & Gas and BRICS Energy in Moscow, Russian Federation. She also works with agriculture, Agro-processing, Housing Infrastructures, Waste to Energy Green Technologies, Transportation and Russian Oil and Gas supplies to African Countries and BRICS Member Countries.


Shirley Bahula-Ermias said: “In my sphere, women are a rare breed. However, I suppose we should increase their representation. Women can establish efficient commerce and export in both oil & gas and energy industries”. 

Ms. Bahula-Ermias is sure the Second EWF has the power to empower women in all spheres around the globe. According to her, that is essential as women are able to sense and solve various problems. She said: “I come from Africa, where poverty is widespread. However, if we give women a chance, they will eradicate poverty, create jobs, because they are the ones to feel the pinch of it. I believe that women should play a meaningful role in the economy. We should partner for the sake of our children and the community at large, as the Forum gives us such opportunity instead of just waiting to see things happening, “We should make them happen". 

Shirley Bahula-Ermias wished all the world’s women to push forward and never give up. She summed up by saying the following: “Do not be in the kitchens anymore, find your space in the boardroom as, those kitchen times are already over. Stand up and be counted and be a problem solver. I hope we would be able to change our countries and the whole world for the better, because as Women, WE CAN”. 

Anna Repina, Nikolay Gavrilov, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community 

Translated by Nikolay Boykov