Singer Manizha About Changing Lives Through Music

Singer Manizha About Changing Lives Through Music

Manizha shares about the promotion of the image of a perfect person and loving oneself 

Creativity is the way to transfer your ideas to people around. One song can affect a person’s life and change his or her worldview. The language of creativity is unique and understandable to people from different countries and continents. Singer Manizha sees her mission as follows: inspiring people around and motivating their good deeds by her songs.

Beauty Trauma 

Manizha believes that women’s energy is the main language of women irrespective of the fact what their native language is. Women’s greatest power is bringing new lives, changing the world for the better, and helping people around. 

Today she is working on a project called Beauty Trauma, which is dedicated to self-acceptance. 

The idea of the project appeared suddenly. Manizha was tired of the promotion of the image of a perfect person and published her photo without make-up, filters, and image processing on social media. She wrote that we are all truly beautiful on the inside thanks to our authenticity. The singer questioned social media users what they love about themselves. The answers she received from women touched her to the heart and inspired very much. It turned out that many women could value the things considered negative ones in society.  The singer still receives letters from her followers. There are more than 600 letters by now, however, they are like one lifelong letter. 

Loving Every Cell of Your Body 

“Today the image of a perfect person is often promoted on TV and phone screens, in magazines, and in advertisement. Many believe that a media person must be beautiful. But one shouldn’t forget that we are all just people with our merits and demerits”. One day we love everything about ourselves, the other day we notice drawbacks we have. The main point is to learn approaching this right, taking your shortcomings more easy, and making yourself compliments. 

“We are beautiful because we are alive”, believes Manizha. At the same time, according to her, self-acceptance is a lifelong way. 

It is easy to say what we don’t like about ourselves. Seeing your true value and loving every cell of your body, learning to inspire yourself, as well as accepting and believing in yourself is much more difficult. The main point is being yourself, bringing up your inner voice, and loving what you are. This makes up your inner culture, the spiritual pivot of every person. 

Music About Loving Yourself 

The second album by Manizha will be dedicated to the topic of self-acceptance. The singer stressed that now she has songs in Russian and English due to the expansion of the project’s coverage. People in different countries start paying more attention to Manizha’s songs. In fact, she plans to launch a blog to share the stories of women who gave feedback on the project. 

“When I was a child, my mom explained me one thing. Money come and money go. One shouldn’t worry about it. Preserving spiritual values is much more important.” 

What matters for Manizha is primarily her idea, her message to the audience watching and listening to her performance. 

The singer expresses her ideas and feelings in songs. She has been writing them since childhood. Today Manizha pays more attention to live performances. 

Despite her songs being full of her own emotions and experience, her works appeal to listeners. “In my poems, I write about what supports me here and now, at the moment. However, after I feature a song, it stops being only mine. I give it to people, to those whom it can help”, she said. 

Manizha featured the world's first Instagram music album. 

The singer is inspired by the idea of the Eurasian Women’s Forum. She wished all the participants of the forthcoming event to fulfil all their projects, meet like-minded people, and together turn kind ideas into reality. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Nikolay Gavrilov