More and more communities unite women-entrepreneurs from different countries who are ready to share their experience and develop their projects together. Many businesswomen are open for communication and collaboration. They inspire other women by their example. Tatyana Akimova, founder of the women’s business club and author of the book about women entrepreneurs, said a few words on that topic. 

Tatyana interviewed more than 50 successful businesswomen from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Belarus for only 4 months. The main target of her book is to inspire women who want to start their own business but don’t know where to begin or are afraid to do this. Tatyana is an entrepreneur herself. Thus, she asked questions that interested her as businessperson. The interviewees explained how to overcome their fears and solve the most frequent problems that women face in business.


The project was named Sister to Sister. Inspiring Women’s Business Stories. Tatyana explained that the entrepreneurs help one another as real sisters. All the interviews took place in a cordial and friendly atmosphere. Perhaps, such easy communication, openness, and willingness to share useful information and experience are the main features of women’s entrepreneurship. 

Tatyana Akimova is a founder of women’s business club EnergyGo in Belarus. That is an online medium uniting entrepreneurs from different countries. It gives them an opportunity to not only obtain education services but also find partners, likeminded people, share experience and opinions, and fill one another with energy. Besides, our interlocutress is an expert in business networking. She helps people establish useful links including relations with those taking high posts. 


Tatyana Akimova singled out several basic recommendations she would like to give to women entrepreneurs. According to her, it is important to develop ourselves and acquire certain qualities. For example, true entrepreneurs must govern their emotions. Tatyana mentioned that such qualities would be useful in any profession. That is why women must develop those qualities in their children as well. 

It is not necessary to have many professional skills for becoming an entrepreneur. Our interlocutress thinks that one can develop them. Many heroines from her book started business without any skills. They just wanted to be useful and realise their potential. Nowadays there are many ways to obtain education and get skills from the ground up. Only desire and enthusiasm matter. 


Tatyana marked a woman from her book as an example. She was a brightly expressed introvert. The most difficult thing for her to tell people about her product, programme of IT education for the teenagers. However, she learned to do this eventually. Now she needs only a couple of minutes to interest people with her business. “I am a true introvert. I still learn to communicate. You won’t believe me but I was afraid to answer a number I didn’t know. Selling was not for me. Now I can sell my project in the elevator for a couple of minutes. It is just a skill”, said she in the interview. 

“I always wish women entrepreneurs not to worry about absence of some skills. You always can develop them. It is important to work out your inner state and tell yourself to always move forward. People always tell to believe in yourself so this advice seems banal. However, it is really important in any business”, concluded Tatyana. 

Viktoria Yezhova, news agency of the Eurasian Women’s Community

Translated by Yan Zarubin