Sithembiso Nyoni to Participate in EAWF

Sithembiso Nyoni to Participate in EAWF

About the Minister of Women and Youth Affairs of Zimbabwe 

The 2nd Eurasian Women's Forum will unite representatives of 122 countries. There are many proactive and caring women politicians from different countries among them. Sithembiso Nyoni, Minister for Women and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Zimbabwe, is also invited to the event. 

Vast international experience 

Sithembiso Nyoni began her political career in 1975, when she spoke against racial discrimination. 

Sithembiso Nyoni was a member of more than 40 Zimbabwean and international councils and presided three of them: IRED International in Geneva, El Taller Foundation in Tunisia and ORAP in Zimbabwe. 

In 1995, she joined the Cabinet as Deputy Minister of Public Construction and National Housing. Later she joined the Parliament. Before assuming the post of Minister for Women and Youth Affairs, Sithembiso was Minister of State for Economic Affairs in the offices of Zimbabwe's Second Vice-Presidents Nkomo and Msika, then Minister of State for the Informal Sector in the President's Office. Ms. Nyoni also served as Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises Development for several years. 

From teacher to minister 

Interestingly, Sithembiso Nyoni started her career not as a politician, but as a school teacher. She received a Master of Arts degree in social development and rural areas, a diploma in adult education. She was invited to colleges in England as a professor, she lectured in the US, taught in Bangladesh and Austria. 

Anna Repina, Eurasian Women's Community Information Agency