Sonia Gandhi to Visit the Second EAWF in St. Petersburg

Sonia Gandhi to Visit the Second EAWF in St. Petersburg

One of the world’s most influential politicians, parliamentary chairperson of the prominent Indian National Congress party , Sonia Gandhi confirmed her participation in the Second Eurasian Women’s Forum. International dialogue aimed at elevating women’s role in politics, economy and social sphere will take place in St. Petersburg in September.


This won’t be Ms. Gandhi’s first time in Russia. In 2005 she visited both Moscow and St. Petersburg as a guest of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and recently she was an honorary guest of the Moscow parliament. During her meeting with the deputies of the Moscow City Duma in April 2018 she stated that Russia and India “have a great potential to increase interaction” in various spheres of life.


Ms. Gandhi took part in opening of a photo exhibition that celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first Indian prime minister who consistently pursued the development of relationships with Russia. Titled Indira: Light and Shadows, the exhibition makes its premiere outside India. Photographs are on display in the Exhibition Hall of the Federal State Archives until 27 May. 

Tina Stankevich, Eurasian Women’s Community